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Small Business Resources

Virtual Assistants Provide a Competitive Edge

Countless small business owners rely on remote assistants or offsite receptionists to help with critical organizational duties. While some are content to offload simple tasks to self-employed, stay-at-home support people, others demand more comprehensive services...NULL

Virtual Assistants & Remote Assistants: A Comparison

While the traditional virtual assistant is likely to work from home, an executive-level virtual assistant is part of a greater brick-and-mortar presence. This fundamental difference opens the door for extensive training opportunities that broaden the professional's support capabilities.

Overview of Virtual Offices, Executive Suites and Co-Working Spaces

Work has changed. In an age of instant communication, cloud-based applications, and workplace versatility, the era of the traditional office culture has come to an end. Providers of virtual offices, executive suites and co-working spaces have effectively liberated the nation’s work culture, adding dynamic and energizing new choices...

Part 1 of 4: Introducing the SBA

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, navigating the tricky terrain of creating a sound business plan, forecasting for growth and developing an operative growth strategy can be a major challenge. Fortunately, American entrepreneurs and operators have access to one of the most effective resources in the worldwide market...

Part 2 of 4: Starting a Small Business

Navigating the complex terrain of creating a sound business plan, forecasting for growth and developing an operative growth strategy can be a challenge for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Fortunately, American entrepreneurs have access to one of the most effective resources in the world via the Small Business Administration (SBA).
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Part 3 of 4: Managing a Small Business

Congratulations! You have gotten your small business up and running. Now what? This part of our four-part series on leveraging the Small Business Administration to help you launch and manage a small business will focus on the operational aspects of running a business. Whether you need leadership strategies, day-to-day decision making skills
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Part 4 of 4: Marketing, Sales and Contracting

Understanding marketing and sales as well as the technical complexity of our Internet-driven society gives entrepreneurs a distinct advantage over the competition. This final segment of our four-part report will take a deeper dive into the logistics and philosophy of marketing and sales and their impact on your business success.
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DIY Marketing Tools

If a business isn’t marketing, its potential customers are not finding it. Small to medium size businesses often struggle with spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing. New DIY marketing tools, however, have eliminated the need to spend astronomical amounts on online and traditional marketing. These tools
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Virtual Office For Legal Professionals

Law firms (large and small) and solo legal practitioners alike can use virtual office services and spaces to run their entire legal operations or as a supplement to a home office or traditional brick-and-mortar offices. Virtual office services can be particularly useful during trial preparation
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Finance & Tax Professionals

Finance and tax professionals, whether they work solo or as part of a larger firm, can use virtual office spaces and services to stay on top of their workloads, especially during the busy tax season. Professional virtual office spaces can be particularly useful when back-to-back client meetings are necessary...

Executive Office Suites: Having a Professional Space on a Tight Budget

Working from home or a coffee shop can save businesses money, but what happens when a business owner need to have a meeting with potential clients or investors? To put forth a professional face, businesses, freelancers and startups need a dedicated executive office space for
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Traveling Entrepreneur

As business people and entrepreneurs continually strive to grow their business, doing so frequently involves traveling around the country to attend networking or tradeshow events, meeting clients and prospects on their own turf, and getting some face-time with colleagues, contractors or employees who may operate in a remote location. Preparation
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Improve the Efficiency of Your Small Business with a Virtual Office

There’s a reason that most larger companies have physical office spaces, usually in the premier areas of their selected cities. These locations do more than provide a place to meet guests or receive deliveries. They also add a level of prestige to the company, a way to brand themselves as established
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The Rise of the Virtual Office

Recent surveys have shown that over 60% of large companies are now letting their employees work from home. The reasons for this vary from cheaper overhead to more productive employees. Plus, the number of face-to-face meetings has significantly fallen over the years in favor of technology. These technological advances have also made it possible for people to work remotely and at varying
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Top Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Physical Address

Many small businesses, particularly service-oriented businesses that don’t require a store-front to sell physical product, opt for operating without a physical office address. Rather than investing in an office lease, business owners often utilize P.O. Boxes or even skip stating any address for their business altogether. Yet, there are major benefits of having a physical
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What to Do with Your Virtual Assistants: Tips on Working with Them

Once you've hired a virtual assistant, you may think that your work is done. Actually, that’s just the first step. Now, it’s time to ensure that you and your virtual assistant are on the same page. This means setting up some ground rules for working with the
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The Importance of Speaking to a Live Person

No one likes talking to machines. This is true whether it’s an automated system that requires complex navigation to get to the applicable department or it’s reaching someone’s voicemail. In this age of technology and impersonalization, one of the number one complaints by customers is still not being able to speak to a real person about their needs or
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Streamlining the Legal Discovery Process

The legal discovery process can sometimes appear like a circus act – thousands, sometimes millions, of pages of documents of every variety cover every available desk (and floor) surface. With the relatively new inclusion of e-discovery in litigation, keeping track of all that information is an art and a science.

The legal field isn’t alone in its utilization of newer technologies, and plenty of law firms
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What Attorney's Need to Know About Marketing

If you haven’t seen a cheesy lawyer commercial, you obviously aren’t watching enough daytime television (that’s probably a good thing.) Thankfully, law firms today can be more creative and less corny with their marketing efforts, and still attract clients.

Marketing in the legal field isn’t all that different from marketing in any other business
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Mobile Tech Redesigned Real Estate Marketing

Thanks to technology, sellers and buyers are turning to the Internet to list and search for their next property. Millions of people begin their searches online before syncing up with a real estate agent, but that doesn’t mean the demise of the Realtor will be happening any time soon. Mobile applications and technology like Trulia,, and Zillow are great news for buyers, sellers and
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Virtual Office Eguide

Have you ever wondered why some small businesses are successful and others are not and what do these successful companies do to gain an edge over their competition? Through our years of experience
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