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Top Ten Things a virtual assistant did (this month)

Implemented a system for sending product brochures to customers of a mattress manufacturer on an immediate basis after they show interest in the product.

Jessica G., Intelligent Assistant
Las Vegas, NV

Manage the entire front-end of a prominent regional shuttle company client including answering questions, providing route information, scheduling reservations.

Cathi L., Intelligent Assistant
Cherry Creek, CO

Identified a gap in customer services for a retail client and proactively created a solution to allow them to better serve their clients needs.

Anne J., Intelligent Assistant
Red Bank, NJ

Deposited important cheques to a bank in Toronto for a client while they were working remotely in the Bahamas.

Jessica D., Intelligent Assistant
Toronto, HBC

Manage all customer service for an Industrial Gas Detection Appliance Distributor including updating clients on orders & order status, tracking information, and more.

Ashley J., Intelligent Assistant
Schaumburg, IL

Contacted several people on behalf of our Financial Planner client to invite them to a special seminar. This saved our client time and helped them to gain more business.

Kimberly M., Intelligent Assistant
El Paso, TX

A client’s presentation materials hadn't yet arrived 1 hour before an important meeting. We printed, made copies and put together packets of replacement materials. 

Kitshara W., Intelligent Assistant
Alexandria, VA

Organized and managed a Job Fair for a new business.  Greeted potential hires and handed out applications on our client's behalf.

Kelsey C., Intelligent Assistant
South Surrey BC

Helped a client capture several new sales for their new heart device by answering all callers questions accurately and connecting them with a salesperson during the call.

Elizabeth S., Intelligent Assistant
San Diego, CA

Hired a demolition crew to destroy and remove a building for a Real Estate Investor and coordinated all the related contracts and fee payments.

Laura M., Intelligent Assistant
Denver Lodo, CO

My Intelligent Office


Your business is ready to take off. All you need is a launch pad that is more professional than the corner coffee shop. So consider a traditional full-time office, shared, or part-time, flexible office and staff without the overhead. You’ll have a private, fully furnished office with phones, internet service, conference rooms and a locked mail box. Our receptionist is your receptionist -always ready to handle your calls, schedule your appointments, and almost anything else you need. No more missed important calls, amateurish cell phone answering or business calls going straight to voicemail. And it all comes with a professional address worthy of your vision. There’s no stopping you now.


Image is critical in your business. So even though you still work out of your home office, your ambitions are bigger. You need an address to match. Something professional, prestigious. A place where you can meet with clients, receive packages and have someone answer the phone who doesn’t refer to you as Dad or Mom. Your hours are your own, so you’ll want secure access that lets you come and go as you please 24 hours a day. And mail forwarding when you don’t feel like going in to your office. All at a price that remembers you’re a freelancer, even if you are an ambitious one.


You don’t wait for clients to come to you - you go get them. You’re out there, solving their problems every day. Paying for an office you’re rarely in doesn’t make sense. But it sure would be nice to have access to a fully furnished and equipped executive office when you need one and wherever you go. Especially when you need to make a presentation. And that’s what we give you - a private office in every one of our North American locations. You get 24 hour access with all the amenities. Executive furnishing, phone and internet service, white boards and flat screens, conference rooms and even a kitchen. All available on an ala carte hourly, daily or weekly basis. Whatever fits your changing schedule and business needs.


Your docket is always full. So you rarely have time to sit in an office. Your clients only call when they need you, and that could happen at any time. You could be in your car, at home or in a place where a phone is off limits. Voice mail isn’t going to help your prospects and clients. They want a real person to answer the phone - and a highly trained, professional one at that. Our receptionists answer, screen and transfer your calls to any number you want. Our Intelligent Assistants can do intakes, confirm meetings and schedule your appointments. All from an office that looks incredibly buttoned up, on those occasions when you actually need one.

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