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  • Delegate the phone answering to our friendly Intelligent Assistants™ so you can complete all those returns

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Accounting Phone Assistant

Wow Your Customers this year with an Intelligent AssistantTM

Your time is valuable. Our team helps you make the most of each day with virtual offices, phone answering and document drop off/pickup.

Accounting Phone Assistant

Improve Productivity with an Office Space

Keep Customers Happy with Phone Answering

Easily exchange documents at your virtual office

Meet with clients in our conference rooms

It's Easy To Calculate the ROI On This Investment

This tax season get more done in your own private office suite. You can meet with customers, and impress them with your new, professional business address. You can even let our team of professional, friendly experts manage the administrative side of professional, friendly experts manage the administrative side of your accounting firm.
You'll keep customers happy - WITHOUT burning out.

See Why Intelligent Office is

#1 For Accountants + CPAs

See Why Intelligent Office is #1 For Accountants + CPAs

Get Answers About Office Space,

Phone Answering, and

Document Drop Off / Pickup

Get Answers About Office Space, Phone Answering, and Document Drop Off / Pickup

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Intelligent Assistants are completely unlike overseas call centers or domestic answering services. They’re not stuck in a big office building somewhere, answering hundreds of calls for companies they’ve never heard of, whose products & services they know nothing about.

Instead, our Intelligent Assistants only answer calls on behalf of a small handful of Intelligent Office Clients. They take time to understand your business and the products & services you sell, so when customers & prospects call, they get the impression that they are speaking to an actual receptionist who works for your company.

Absolutely! We understand that some calls are important, some are not - while others are absolutely vital to the life of your business. Because our Intelligent Assistants only work with a small handful of Intelligent Office Clients, they are able to manage even the most particular needs and route calls the way you want.

Our virtual assistants, known as Intelligent Assistants, are an invaluable resource for small and developing businesses. Their service is part of what separates Intelligent Office from a typical virtual office service.

The task most commonly associated with virtual assistants is phone answering, but virtual assistants are capable of far more than just answering the phone. When they interact with your customers, they’re dedicated to connecting with the person on the other end of the line.

Intelligent Assistants are local extensions of your team. They’re trained to not only handle administrative tasks, including scheduling and confirming appointments, taking orders, and answering client inquiries, but also build valuable relationships with prospects and clients during all of these interactions. These relationships can help build business credibility and even contribute to business growth.

Our virtual assistants are seasoned professionals that actively seek out opportunities to help your business. Here are a few more virtual assistant tasks that many business owners are surprised to hear are available.

Coordinate Mailings: Direct mail is still an effective marketing strategy, but it must be executed with precision. An Intelligent Assistant can help gather mailing lists, write copy, design, and edit for a direct mail campaign that will attract leads. Once the mail has been sent, they can also follow up with calls to potential customers on the mailing list.

Manage Social Media: Managing social media accounts can be difficult given the day-to-day grind of owning a business. Intelligent Assistants are savvy social media users who understand the ins and outs of all of your social media accounts. Let them give their full attention to communicating with customers, promoting sales, and sharing information, so you can give your full attention to operating a business.

Meeting Preparation: You take a lot of meetings, and after a while, they all can start to run together. To make sure you stay sharp, a virtual assistant can prepare meeting notes, presentations, and conference room technology. When you walk into an important meeting, you know that you’ll be at your best.

Travel Coordination: Traveling for business is stressful, and mistakes when coordinating accommodations can cost you time and money. A virtual assistant takes that stress off the table. Your assistant knows your schedule better than anyone, and that knowledge means they’ll have your flights, rental cars, and lodging locked in from the get-go.

The truth is that an Intelligent Assistant is capable of nearly any virtual assistant task that’s asked of them, and you can expect every task to be handled with a proactive mindset and strict professionalism.

Tax preparers, CPAs and Accountants often fulfill multiple roles within their business without even knowing. From answering phones to customer service and more, business owners can find themselves in organizational quicksand that eventually swallows the business completely.

It can be difficult to recognize when this is happening – either because it’s how the business has always operated, or the day-to-day grind hasn’t allowed the owner time for reflection. So how do you know when it’s time for support?

When business calls are going to voicemail. Having a reliable first point of contact is vital for developing businesses. When customers call, businesses must be equipped to answer the call, provide a high level of service, and follow up on that call. If calls are going to voicemail, potential customers are likely to move on to a competitor that provides a more valuable experience.

When client issues are left unaddressed. Attracting new customers is important, but even more important is retaining existing customers. These customers are willing to work through issues if they feel their concerns are being recognized and changes are coming. If these issues are pushed to the side as you tend to other matters, you can expect to lose their loyalty.

When you’ve missed multiple appointments. Even the most organized business owners can slip up here and there, but missing multiple meetings is a sign of being overwhelmed. Time is highly valued in the business world, and wasting it is a surefire way to irritate potential partners.

When outdated technology is causing complications. Business support comes in many forms, and one form is technology. Businesses need updated technology to increase operational efficiency, communicate with clients, and connect with potential customers. If your business is struggling to keep up because your current equipment or software doesn’t align with modern business practices, it’s time to invest in support services.

When family members are unofficial employees. Many small and developing businesses turn to family members for administrative duties, even if they aren’t formal employees. These family members often lack the formal training of a hired employee, which can lead to unsatisfactory work. This practice is not only a business hazard, but can put stress on personal relationships.

All of these scenarios can be avoided with small business support services like Intelligent Office. Virtual assistants are capable of fully handling inbound and outbound calls, monitoring electronic communications, scheduling appointments, and any other relevant administrative duties. And access to an Intelligent Office location provides businesses with modern business equipment for a fraction of the cost of furnishing rented commercial office space.

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