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5 of the Best Netflix Shows and Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

By Jessica Valdez   |    May 5, 2020   |    1:06 PM

Binge-Worthy Netflix Picks for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you could use some more rest and relaxation in your life. Fortunately, it’s possible to simultaneously chill out and learn something new you can apply to your business — all you need is Netflix.

Each of these five Netflix picks is full of inspiring stories, business insights, and other helpful information that you can use to become a better entrepreneur.

1. Broken

If your business relies on manufacturing, don’t miss this fascinating (and sobering) investigative docuseries. Each episode seeks to answer the question, “What is the true price of the products we buy?” 

The series explores the cultural forces behind the products that consumers love, with an emphasis on the impact that marketing and business practices have on the people who purchase these products. Episodes examine why counterfeit makeup is so popular, why corporations rely so heavily on single-use plastic, how teens become addicted to e-cigarettes and more. 

Negligence and deceit are front and center in Broken, and the findings are bound to make you think about how to be a more ethical entrepreneur and business owner.

2. Workin’ Moms

As any career-driven parent knows, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be downright stressful. Sometimes, the best way to cope with the pressure of juggling parenting and a growing business is to find something relatable that will make you laugh. And that’s exactly what Workin’ Moms does. 

This comedy sitcom follows a group of friends who are coping with the challenges of being working mothers in competitive, fast-paced companies. The show doesn’t gloss over some of the less-than-glamorous aspects of working parenthood, which makes it a refreshing pick for entrepreneurs who love to find humor in daily life.

3. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

This documentary outlines the events leading up to FYRE festival, a doomed music festival on a private island that couldn’t deliver on its promises of luxury. The social media campaign surrounding FYRE was incredibly successful, but that’s where the festival’s successes end.

While social media can be a powerful tool business-building tool, this documentary showcases what can go wrong when a company’s offerings don’t live up to the media hype. It serves as an important reminder that in business, every decision you make matters, including how you market and advertise.

4. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Over the course of three episodes, this limited series gives viewers an inside look into the life and mind of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. It’s an inspiring watch that mainly focuses on the icon’s charitable work and it’s a great reminder that philanthropy can positively impact your brand.

Part one explores Gates’s “life-or-death” mission to bring improved sanitation practices to developing nations. His sisters also share memories from childhood, which illuminates the role family played in getting Microsoft off the ground. Part two explores the most important connections in Gates’s life and part three outlines how he intends to create solutions to climate change. 

5. Girlboss

With only one season and 13 episodes that are less than thirty minutes long, Girlboss is easy to binge. The show is based on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography of the same name. Amoruso is the CEO and founder of Nasty Gal, a women’s clothing company that she founded from her bedroom at 22 years old.

The series does an excellent job of showing what it takes to make a startup succeed (with some added drama for television) and it also touches on how to get back to work after a business failure.

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