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5 of the Best Podcasts About Business and Entrepreneurship

By Barbara Beauregard   |    April 14, 2020   |    10:31 AM

2020’s Top Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Many small businesses owners and entrepreneurs are hunkered down at home right now, which means less commuting. Don’t let the lack of a commute stop you from listening to podcasts, though! If you’re an auditory learner, podcasts can be an excellent tool for learning something new that will help you grow your business. 

Get actionable tips on how to start and grow a business, plus a hefty dose of inspiration, when you listen to these five engaging podcasts on business and entrepreneurship.

1. How I Built This with Guy Raz

Learn how your favorite companies and brands got off the ground with this excellent and insightful NPR podcast.

The podcast’s host, Guy Raz, interviews iconic entrepreneurs, innovators and other change-makers to bring listeners first-hand accounts of how they built their movements. Raz has spoken with an impressive number of inspiring entrepreneurs from a wide variety of companies, including Southwest Airlines, Wikipedia, Burt’s Bees, Spanx and others.

2. The BizChix Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs with Natalie Eckdahl, MBA

In the business world, women tend to have a much different experience than their male colleagues. Whether you’re a woman entrepreneur seeking guidance and a sense of community, or a man who would like to understand the female experience better, each BizChix episode is full of helpful advice.

The show’s host, Natalie Eckdahl, MBA, is a career coach who helps female entrepreneurs learn how to master their mindset, grow as leaders, refine business strategies, build a trusted team and gain visibility in their industry. As a busy business owner and mother, Eckdahl also serves up actionable advice that can be used at home and at work.

3. Rise and Grind with Daymond John 

A successful entrepreneur, Daymond John is perhaps best known for his role as one of the ‘Sharks’ on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank. In his podcast, he candidly interviews entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians and thought leaders, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Wendy Williams, Tyler the Creator, Nely Galan and many others.

During each interview, you’ll learn how these top performers have learned how to “outperform, outwork, and outhustle their way to the top — just like [Daymond John] did.”

4. Teamistry with Gabriela Cowperthwaite

A relative newcomer to the podcast world at the time of writing, Teamistry is out to “bust the myth of the lone genius once and for all because the truth is, nothing gets done alone.”

This podcast explores some of the most incredible things mankind has accomplished through teamwork, like photographing a black hole, harnessing electric light and containing a nuclear meltdown. If you struggle to see the value in teaming up with other professionals, this podcast might just reassure you that delegating tasks is a powerful way to grow your business.

5. Business Wars with David Brown

If you’re looking for drama and intrigue, don’t miss Business Wars. Your host, David Brown, shares the real stories of what drives “companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights — or to ruin.”

Each episode explores some of the business world’s most ruthless rivalries, like The North Face vs. Patagonia, Nintendo vs. Sony, Starbucks vs. Dunkin, Ford vs. Chevrolet and more.

Want more business and entrepreneurship podcasts?

If you already have these five podcasts on your must-listen list, you’re in luck: Here are 11 more career-boosting podcasts that are worth a listen.

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