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6 Small Businesses That Need Phone Answering

By Garrett Spence   |    February 4, 2019   |    10:27 PM

Use Phone Answering Services to Save Time and Money in These Industries  

Whether you run a medical practice, a home services business, or virtually any other type of small business, phone answering services help you get a handle on phone traffic. When you use a phone answering service, you know that every call will get answered by a professional virtual receptionist.

Some small business owners are unsure about using outsourced help to cover their reception needs. But, it’s an excellent way to increase productivity, deliver top-notch customer service, and more. If you’d like to learn about the variety of ways different businesses can use phone answering services, this quick read is for you.

1. General Practitioners & Medical Providers

General practitioners, and medical providers in general, schedule a lot of appointments. Virtual receptionists can schedule appointments, answer patient questions, help with billing, and myriad other tasks.

At Intelligent Office, our reception staff even receive HIPAA-specific training and certifications. Further, we can integrate with most commonly used software tools, including athenahealth.

2. Dentists

What happens when regular reception staff take a lunch break or call in sick? How does your practice handle high call volumes, especially toward the end of the year when patients want to use up their benefits? Many dental practices simply send callers to voicemail.

Keep patients happy with phone answering services that roll-over calls, which ensures they can speak with a real person, right away.

3. Therapists

When a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist is seeing a patient, they’re understandably unable to answer the phone. A phone answering service means that patients can speak to someone right away, whether they need to book an appointment, get more information, or just need to know when they can speak to their provider. After-hours routing systems are also popular amongst mental health practitioners.

4. Massage Therapists

Use a virtual receptionist to help with appointment booking, reminders, and more in a massage therapy business. The tools we use at Intelligent Office can even integrate with services like SpaBooker, so appointments are always up-to-date.

5. Home Services Providers

Running a home services business means that there’s always a job to do, and taking time answer the phone mid-job isn’t an ideal solution. Roofers, plumbers, and other trades can all benefit from reception services, especially if the business doesn’t have a dedicated office staff.


But, when the phone doesn’t get answered, consumers are tempted to search for another company to help with their project or emergency. If a business wants to grow through service calls, for example, having extra reception help is even more useful.

6. Lawyers

Phone answering is invaluable for attorneys, particularly during busy trial preparations when all hands are needed on deck. Virtual receptionists can take over office phone traffic while the rest of the team prepares for a big case, allowing the office to operate without interruption.

Does your business need phone answering services?

Even if your industry isn’t on this list, there’s still a strong chance you could do more business, better, with some extra reception help. To learn more, visit this page to see which services and promotions are available near you.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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