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The Ultimate 2020 Checklist to Win More Business

By Tyler Curry   |    February 3, 2020   |    2:52 PM

2020 is here, and it’s time to start taking your sales goals to the next level. But winning more business doesn’t just happen — you need a focused plan that draws on the latest technologies, organizational strategies, and professional mindsets to achieve your full potential. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate checklist to win more business in 2020.

Set Clear Goals: Before you start formulating your grand plan to win more business, it’s important to set clear goals. That means writing down a specific value that can be measured and realistically achieved.

In this case, we recommend setting a goal for total revenue. It’s also important that the goal be tied to a timeline. You can decide whether quarterly or yearly goals are more appropriate for your team.

Create Buyer Personas:  A buyer persona is a fictional profile of your ideal client that includes demographic information, behavior, motivations, and pain points.

For demographic information and behavior patterns, use Google Analytics to see who is coming to your website and what content they’re consuming. For motivations and pain points, go to your sales and account management teams. These are the employees who spend the most time listening to existing and potential clients.

All of this information should help you create 3-4 personas that will focus your marketing efforts — allowing you to create personalized content for potential clients while eliminating wasted time and resources.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth: One tried-and-true strategy for winning new business is word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth has evolved from an organic event to an active strategy for businesses who understand its potential to influence customers. In fact, word-of-mouth generates twice as much sales revenue as paid ads.

Word-of-mouth marketing includes a variety of tactics, including incentivizing user-generated content, curating and sharing positive reviews, and referral programs. All of these tactics allow your clients to share their positive experience with potential new clients. Now all you have to do is share those experiences with your audience.

Digital Marketing: From content to email marketing and more, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is paramount to any modern sales strategy. Digital ad spending in the U.S. is projected to top $151 billion in 2020, a 17% increase from 2019, when digital ad spend surpassed traditional ad spend for the first time, according to eMarketer.

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of tactics that require significant resources and expertise. Creating a content strategy, including managing a company blog, is a good place to start. This content can be repurposed for marketing materials, email campaigns, and social media posts while also boosting your business’ presence on Google. Facebook marketing and paid search are more expensive tactics, but provide a more direct route to quality leads.


Optimize Website for Lead Generation: When a prospect is considering giving you business, they are doing the majority of their research online. That makes it imperative that your website is designed to give the prospect the best experience possible while providing them a direct path to contact your business.

Start with a clear call-to-action on your homepage. This could include offering a free trial, demo, or consultation depending on your business’ products and services. Live chat is also a service that’s rapidly improving in quality, creating a useful tool for both the prospect and your business.   

Stand Out With Client Support: One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is creating a frustrating environment through clumsy phone answering services. Prospects and existing clients expect to speak with a live human as quickly as possible. Failure to satisfy this expectation often leads to a loss of trust, and ultimately, a lost sale.

A phone answering service like Intelligent Office offers a modern solution for business owners who want to provide a valuable customer experience. Our virtual receptionists are trained specifically for your business, giving you a reliable first point of contact without the costs of a full-time employee. You’ll save time and money while securing new business through exceptional client support.

If you have any questions about how Intelligent Office can win you more business in 2020, contact a location in your area.


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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android

Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
Download The Intelligent Office APP