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The Rise of the Pop-Up Office

By Brian Farris   |    June 16, 2020   |    11:19 AM

Exploring the “New Normal” and What it Means For Your Small Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work. For starters, more employees are working from home than ever before. 

This means that business owners are faced with tough questions like, “When will it be safe to return to the office?” and, “Do we even need that big, expensive office space anymore?”

Clearly, small and medium-sized teams are rethinking how they interact and collaborate. This reckoning is giving rise to something we like to call the “pop-up office.” 

Could your company benefit from this unique and innovative approach? Read on to find out.

Why it’s time to rethink the traditional office setup

Before we explain what a pop-up office is, it’s helpful to have some background: In recent months, many businesses have come to realize that regional offices and small company offices are simply not required. With the right tools and support, employees can remain productive while working from their home offices. 

When teams can maintain productivity at home, there’s little need for a large and expensive commercial office space. However, socialization and collaboration are still important to the success of your team. 

We also can’t forget that work-from-home doesn’t work for everyone. Some employees prefer doing their jobs from a distraction-free office space. Others may not have a home office that is conducive to getting their best work done (anyone who has ever tried to work-from-home with kids knows how difficult it can be.)

So, how can business owners strike a balance between in-person collaboration, affordability and flexibility? The answer is simple: The Pop-Up Office.

What is a pop-up office?

With a pop-up office, small and medium-sized teams can rent on-demand office space for a given time period. There are no long-term leases, which makes this an affordable option that is accessible to small and large companies alike. If you’re familiar with Intelligent Office and the solutions we offer, you might be familiar with another term that describes this type of workspace: virtual office space.

Here are a few examples of this arrangement in action: 

  • A company might rent a conference room for a big meeting or special event. The space can be rented for a few hours, several days or longer.
  • A business with a dispersed team that typically works from home can rent private office spaces or executive suites. These teams likely don’t need full-time office space, but this flexible arrangement makes it easy to access workspaces as needed.
  • When someone travels to another city for a big meeting, they can rent a fully-equipped office space. With a provider like Intelligent Office, these professionals also have access to locations across the U.S. and Canada. To get a better idea of just how many locations are available, check out our directory of virtual office spaces.

When a company utilizes virtual office space, creating a pop-up office that suits the team’s needs is simple and straightforward.

How your business can take advantage of the pop-up office trend

If you think your business and employees could benefit from the flexibility of a pop-up office in a virtual office space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Intelligent Office. 

Our team will help you identify the best solutions for your unique needs — click the “Get Started” icon on this page to request more information, or use the chat feature to connect with someone right away.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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