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Accounting Professionals, Here’s How to Spend Less Time on the Phone (And More Time on Your Business)

By Brian Farris   |    December 22, 2020   |    2:06 PM

With Phone Answering Services, No Call Goes Unanswered 

If you’re an accountant, CPA, or tax professional, your schedule is probably packed (especially during the busy tax season). When you’re swamped with client work and the responsibilities of running a business, the last thing you want to do is interrupt your workflow to answer an incoming call. 

Fortunately, there’s a flexible and affordable way to make sure every call gets answered: Virtual phone answering services.

With phone answering services, your firm gets support from a professionally trained virtual receptionist. The cost is a fraction of what it would take to hire dedicated support staff, and you know that a friendly voice will always be available to assist clients and callers.

The right phone answering provider will handle most of the legwork, but there are a few easy things you can do to get the most out of your service. Here’s how to spend less time on the phone, so you can spend more time growing your business while providing excellent service to your clients.

Team up with a local virtual business services provider

Phone answering falls under the broader umbrella of virtual business services, which includes rentable virtual office space, virtual assistant support, virtual business addresses, and more. 

Not surprisingly, the quality you’ll receive varies dramatically from one provider to another, especially where phone answering is concerned. If you want to avoid robo-receptionists and automatic answering services, be sure to choose a local provider who knows what it’s like to do business in your city. 

At Intelligent Office, we combine local support with a network of locations across the U.S. and Canada. When you become a member, you’ll team up with a location near you. You still have access to all of our locations when traveling for work, but a local team will be responsible for managing your account and ensuring you receive the support your firm needs.

Train your virtual receptionist on the specifics of your business

Your virtual receptionist will be well-versed in how to provide professional and friendly customer service. However, to get the maximum return on investment from a phone answering service, prepare to do a bit of training. 

You’ll want to onboard your virtual receptionist on the specifics of your accounting business, including how you prefer calls to be answered, what types of urgent calls should be routed to you immediately, and other particulars. 

At Intelligent Office, our members have access to an easy-to-use portal where this type of information can be quickly shared with the team servicing your account. For more insights into training your virtual receptionist, don’t miss this detailed guide: How to Get the Most From Your Phone Answering Service.

Soon enough, your new receptionist will be like another member of your team. Callers will never know that you’ve delegated the phones to a business partner.

A look at the benefits of phone answering services for accountants, CPAs, and other tax professionals

Phone answering services make it easy to focus on your core competencies because you can:

If you’re ready to delegate the phones to someone else, get in touch with Intelligent Office now. Simply fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with a customized quote.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

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