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5 Reasons Why You Should Set Up Your Virtual Office in Arlington

By Pramod Raheja   |    December 19, 2013   |    9:17 AM

So you know you want to set up a virtual office, but you’re still deciding exactly where it should be. There are many factors that go into deciding what location is best: proximity to your house, the commute, the type of restaurants and local businesses around. With its availability of urban amenities, the ease of transit, and a fervent business community, Arlington, Virginia is a happening place. When you consider what is going on in the area, the decision to find a virtual office in Arlington is pretty simple. Here are 5 reasons why you should set up your virtual office in Arlington:

1. Easy Access

In terms of transportation, Arlington is truly the perfect place to set up a virtual office. Cross the bridge by car or subway, and within minutes, you’re in Washington, D.C. Arlington has 11 subway stations, more than any other suburban locale in the area. Because Arlington is a regional epicenter, major highways run right by, including Route 50, I-66, the George Washington Parkway, and I-395. You’re super close to Ronald Reagan National Airport, and, if you’re going abroad, hop on I-66 and you’re 25 direct miles to Dulles International Airport.

Arlington is committed to transit-oriented development, which means that over 90 percent of all new commercial and residential development is located within the Metro corridors. This means easy access for people who work in Arlington: since 1960, 38 million square feet of office and commercial space has been built in the Rosslyn-Ballston and Jefferson Davis Metro corridors. Step right off the train, and you’re at work!

2. A Super Smart, Super Driven, Super Creative Populace

Did you know that Arlington is the most highly educated community in the Washington, D.C. area? 70% of Arlington residents hold bachelor degrees, and over a quarter have advanced degrees. Arlington also boasts a strong creative class and is home to over a dozen colleges and universities, including George Washington University, George Mason University Arlington Campus, and a Virginia Tech Research Center.

3. High Visibility

Because of the big talent pool, an established digital infrastructure, and its proximity to Washington, major companies and innovate startups have made their homes in Arlington. Companies that have their headquarters in Arlington include AES, Alcalde and Fay, CACI, Rosetta Stone, and Allbritton Communications Company, and major employers include the Federal government, Accenture, US Airways Group, Boeing, and Marriott International.

4. The Best…

Arlington is pretty great. Here are just a few of the praises heaped upon this urban center:

  • America’s Second Best City– Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 2011
  • 4th "Least Stressed County" in the U.S. – Associated Press, 2011
  • 2nd Healthiest County in Virginia – County Health Rankings, 2011
  • “Top Seven Intelligent Communities” globally – The Intelligent Community Forum, 2010
  • “Safest city in which to weather a recession” – Business Week, 2008

5. It’s Considered Pretty “Cool,” Too.

The Washington Post described Arlington as "the hotbed of cultural abandon" and "one of the hippest local jurisdictions at attracting adventurous arts and artists." With a variety of hip restaurants and boutiques, Arlington is the place to be. All the kids are going there: Arlington has the highest concentration of 25–34 year olds in the region.

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