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Unique Marketing Strategies to Spread the Word About Your Startup

By Barbara Beauregard   |    January 20, 2015   |    9:04 AM

How well do you know your target market? If you are launching a startup, and you've done your research, you should already know who is most likely to purchase your product. But, have you created a marketing plan that is designed to effectively reach your potential customers?

No matter your specific industry, it's important to create unique marketing strategies that will generate a buzz about your startup. Regardless of whether you are launching a revolutionary new product or you are entering a market that is already riddled with competition, making use of unique marketing strategies can make a significant difference in your ultimate success.

Unique Marketing Strategies are... UNIQUE!

It's impossible to create unique marketing strategies that will work successfully for more than one company. Unique means unique. Every start up must create a marketing plan that is designed specifically for them and their target market. This can be accomplished the following ways:

Understand and know your customers. As a startup, you might think you know your potential customers. But, do you? One of the best ways to truly learn about your target market is to get to know them on a personal level. It's possible to learn quite a bit about your current and/or potential customers by creating a unique social media campaign that generates a large following.

Make the public understand why you are different. If your startup is planning to offer a product that is very similar to a product that your competitors offer, why would customers purchase from you instead of your already-established competition? It's important to teach your future customer about your product's unique features.

Don't be afraid to use creative tactics when developing your unique marketing strategies. The phrase Think Outside the Box is important to remember when developing a marketing plan. Your potential customers will be intrigued if your marketing strategies are different and/or unusual.

When it comes to marketing a startup, your main goal is to reach your potential customers and provide them with enough information to get them interested in your product. But what is the best method to reach potential customers who have never before heard of your company? The secret to success is to employ unique marketing strategies. This is best accomplished by truly getting to know your target market - and then creatively teaching them why they simply cannot (or should not) live one more day without owning your product.