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Limelight Chiropractic and Natural Therapy

THANK YOU for all you do to keep us working every day. We could never do it without you. You can't know how much of a blessing you are to us. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much your efforts mean to us.

It's not easy to get to know each other when we are miles apart in Toronto and Ottawa. You do your work so quietly and efficiently that it's something we often take for granted. Which means you are doing your job incredibly well! We want you to know that we are grateful for you every day.

As you know we are a small business, with the 2 clinics and no additional staff, so if it were not for you, things would be a disaster. People appreciate having a real person pick up the phone when they call. They want to get an appointment without any hassle and without playing phone tag. Not only are you there to answer the phones but you are also very careful when making the bookings, so that there are no overlaps between clinics. We appreciate your attention to detail very much.

Holly Agnew & Chris Hashimoto - Limelight Chiropractic and Natural Therapy

Transatlantic Literary Agency

"Transatlantic Literary Agency is a company of professional literary agents with offices in Canada, the United States, and The Netherlands. The strength of our organization is its people and the same is true of Intelligent Office at the Hudson's Bay Centre. Intelligent Office doesn’t just provide office space in a prime location, professional reception services, conference rooms and a voicemail service (which forwards messages to our email inboxes), the people at Intelligent Office have become colleagues and friends working with us to ensure Transatlantic is the premier literary agency in Canada."
–David Bennett, Transatlantic Literary Agency

Challenge Factory

“Thank you and all of your staff for 4 years of fantastic service!”
–Lisa Taylor, Challenge Factory

STANDOUT Promotional Products

“I am so happy I decided to go with Intelligent Office, First Canadian Place / Hudson’s Bay Centre for my reception services! The staff is wonderful. I appreciate how professional they all are and how much easier they make my work life! I am always made to feel valued and my clients have stated how professional I sound with Intelligent Office answering my business line. I appreciate that when the staff has information about my calls, they share it with me, even though I have not stated that they have to do this….It has really improved my business having them all helping me.”
–Carrie Makins, Owner of STANDOUT Promotional Products

Bark & Fitz Inc.

"I was just at Purolator and the women complimented me on my "office staff" as she had been calling about a package several times and the Intelligent Office staff was obviously very helpful and professional so a big thanks to you and the Intelligent Office Team!"
–Michael Page, Managing Director

The Ground Guys

“You guys all do an awesome job! I have never experienced such professionalism, courtesy and cheeriness from a call center. Thanks for all you do!”
–Ron Madera, Ground Guys

Law Works P.C.

"The Intelligent Gateway phone system works very well in enabling our professionals and staff to handle all calls from a variety of remote locations. It is very stable and reliable system and I have no hesitation in recommending it to any company with remote locations requirements."
-Ben Hanuka, Law Works P.C.

Sunshine Landscape Inc.

“By outsourcing our reception duties to Intelligent Office at First Canadian Place / Hudson’s Bay Centre, we have been able to focus more of our attention on the task of growing our business. The receptionists are fast and efficient when entering sales leads into our online CRM program. Customers are also seamlessly connected to our service reps in the field. Knowing that clients are dealt with on the spot rather than directed to voicemail, reassures me that each of our clients are left satisfied. Intelligent Office gives me peace of mind that calls are answered in a professional manner, and that Sunshine is represented in the best way possible.”
–Peter Van Stralen, CEO of Sunshine Landscape Inc.

BRILHO Luxury Cleaning & Services

"The positive feedback received from my clients and employees in regards to Intelligent Office’s professionalism has exceeded all expectations. In fact, the team at Intelligent Office Toronto has played a key role in my company’s success and achievements in our first year of business. Each Intelligent Assistant’s ability to understand my company’s goals and vision has played a key role in the success of BRILHO. I want to thank the Intelligent Office team for their excellent customer service."
–Luciano Motta, President & CEO of BRILHO Luxury Cleaning & Services

Landmark Athletics Inc.& Zebra Mats Canada

“I love my office at Intelligent Office, it’s not just the décor, or the location, but the helpful and friendly staff that makes working there a real enjoyment. I had a call one day from the government, one of our larger clients, and they gave us a comment about our receptionist that answered the phone. They said it was such a nice sounding voice, and it was fantastic to be able to speak to a live person and not a machine. This resulted in a great first impression for our company. I shopped around a lot for office space, and Intelligent Office was the only space that fit all my needs and was able to work with my budget. I feel my office and the staff is worth every penny.”
–Jeff Powell, National Sales Manager of Landmark Athletics Inc. / Zebra Mats Canada

LCG Real Estate Solutions

"I am very pleased with Intelligent Office. Not only with the services they provide, but more importantly the quality. The ladies you’ve hired are just fabulous! They are always very willing to accommodate our needs, no matter how weird the request may be. I have already referred 2 new clients to Intelligent Office, and I will continue to do so. I know that people always take the time to complain and not enough people take the time to appreciate. Your staff is doing an awesome job and I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to recommend IO to anyone!"
–Lara D’Avilar, LCG Real Estate Solutions

Chris Cochrane Communications Corporation

"As a producer/director of documentaries, music videos, and commercials, I travel worldwide to meet client needs. This traveling creates a need for a great service based in a professional and high profile location. The staff at Intelligent Office - First Canadian Place / Hudson’s Bay Centre frees me to concentrate on satisfying my client needs. Feedback from my clients about how they're treated by IO Toronto staff is nothing less than glowing. Intelligent Office provides exceptional services such as meeting and office space on an as needed basis, quality phone answering, mail handling, and personal reception at excellent prices. Do yourself a favour and become an Intelligent Office Toronto client."
-Chris Cochrane, Managing Director of Chris Cochrane Communications Corporation

K.A.R.E. Ltd.

“Working out of Intelligent Office has been a wonderful experience in every sense. Our thanks and appreciation to the entire Intelligent Office team for their amazing work, continued support and help.”
–Bashar Hadi, K.A.R.E. Ltd.

McDonald Sustainability

“Intelligent office is easy, reliable, and great value. You will find Intelligent Office in convenient locations, featuring professional work spaces, with courteous staff. Whether you are starting a new business, growing an existing one, or frequently working in different cities, I recommend Intelligent Office."
-Rodney McDonald, President of McDonald Sustainability

LCP Weddings

“We had a great experience with Intelligent Office, and will truly miss the amazing qualities of their staff. Although we are well aware that we are a small company we enjoyed the fact that we always felt well known by their staff. Making customers feel like they are the top priority is a basic business principal; however, you rarely see it being practiced. Thank you for all your hard work!”
-Lini Campbell, LCP Weddings

Canadian Windfields, Solar & Renewable Energy Corp.

"We have been very happy with Intelligent Office's services. IO fulfilled our exact needs until we found our permanent home. The service was excellent and exactly what we needed to get our business started.”
–David Baker, President and CEO of Canadian Windfields, Solar & Renewable Energy Corp.

Nov 17 2011
How Co-Working Can Save You Money

There was a time in the mid-1990s when lots of people thought the conventional office building was doomed. The commercial property bubble had popped, a recession hit and, with the advent of the Internet, many figured the downtown towers and suburban office parks might never recover. We’d all soon be working from our homes.

Like so many predictions around the Internet, it was wrong, or at least premature. Commercial office space would claw its way back. Cranes would once again crowd skylines, busily erecting new monuments to the nine-to-five.

Nearly two decades on, though, the way and the place many of us work has changed. In 2008, nearly one in five working Canadians—evenly divided between employees and the self-employed—worked from home, Statistics Canada reports. And the momentum for so-called telework is growing.

In September, the City of Calgary, which has some of the highest office rents in the country, adopted an Alternative Workplace Strategies policy encouraging employees who can to work from home. A study commissioned by the city’s economic development authority estimated that the bottom-line benefits of telecommuting for employers, employees and communities across Canada could be as high as $53 billion a year.

Yet for a growing number of untethered workers, home isn’t the answer, either. So hybrid solutions are emerging—halfway houses of the working world with names like “virtual offices” and “co-working” spaces. While their formats vary widely, the common denominator is a desk and Wi-Fi access, often available on a drop-in basis and by the hour.

In 1995, Ralph Gregory took the concept of the hosted business centre—where you lease an office or room but share reception, office machines and additional amenities with others—a step further when he founded Intelligent Office in Boulder, Colo. Instead of renting office space per se, the company focused on helping entrepreneurs work at home without compromising their privacy or corporate image. That meant providing a mailing address, phone number and live reception service and, when needed, an office or meeting room.

Today, 10,000 subscribers paying $50 a month and up can rent an office for $20 an hour at any of Intelligent Office’s 20 Canadian locations, says Brian Monteith, who bought the national franchise in 2005. For small-business people who mostly work at home or on the road, office space “is now a variable cost instead of a fixed cost. They only pay for what they use,” he says. Each of the company’s locations has 18 to 20 workstations providing a desk, Internet access and a phone that, at the touch of a four-digit code, can be “hot-desked” to show your company identity on outgoing calls.

But even a phone is more than some independent workers need or are willing to pay for in this wireless age. Still others crave the energy of working around other people and the discipline that comes with leaving the house. For them, there is now the option of co-working.

The term was coined in 2005 by Brad Neuberg, a freelance computer programmer and one of the founding members of the Spiral Muse collective in San Francisco. Similar shared workspaces, both co-operative and for-profit, sprang up in other cities, as did a Google co-working group that defined the movement’s principles as collaboration, openness, community, accessibility and sustainability.

Today, there are dozens of co-working spaces across Canada, ranging from the high-profile Hive Vancouver (where a desk costs $4 to $7 an hour) and the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, to Thunder Bay, Ont., Charlottetown and Prince George, B.C. Co-working sites range from coffee shops with simple lines of desks to pricey designer rooms. Most let you try before you join, so you can find out for yourself if it’s too noisy or you feel funny talking on the phone next to strangers.

“The trick with co-working is putting people at the centre,” says Susan Evans, who co-founded Seattle co-working space Office Nomads in 2007. Evans concedes co-working isn’t for everyone—“some people need a silent, serene, private space to get their work done”—but it’s an option for people who feel isolated or less productive working at home all the time.

While offering workers choices, the emergence of drop-in workspace is also sending a message to employers, says Robyn Bews, who manages Calgary Economic Development’s WorkShift program, which promotes the use of technology to reduce commuting. According to research, she notes, 30% to 50% of cubicles or offices in traditional spaces are empty at any given time. “Where are these people? They’re working in other places”—boardrooms, coffee shops, a partner’s site, wherever they can be most productive. Providing dedicated space for every employee is not only anachronistic, she says. It’s a waste.

Nov 1 2008
Virtual Office a Real Success
By Entrepreneurship Expert Roger Pierce,

Brian Monteith is looking for convenience and rewards from his Visa Business card.When small businesses need presence in major centres - but can't justify the overhead - a virtual office is often the preferred workplace solution. Virtual offices are shared spaces available for temporary use, with all the amenities of a real office. With premium locations and à la carte services, Intelligent Office ( offers small businesses, consultancies, and start-ups a prime address and all the services they need - in an easy, cost-efficient, 24/7 solution.

Intelligent Office is a prestigious franchise of virtual offices with locations across North America. Brian Monteith, president of Intelligent Office in Canada, purchased one franchise in 2005, saw the success, and purchased the master rights to sell Intelligent Office franchises throughout Canada in 2006.

To promote the business, Brian advertises extensively on radio. He buys radio time with his Visa® Business Card. "It's more convenient than writing cheques. I earn points and defer the payment to the end of my card's invoice cycle. There is a huge upside to using my Visa Business card," says Brian.

Brian also uses his Visa Business Card for traditional expenses such as travel. "Because we're selling franchises across Canada I travel a lot. The card makes it easy to book hotels, travel, and entertainment." Then, when the statement arrives at the end of the month, it's used to reconcile the books. "The organization of the statement into categories like restaurants, entertainment, and travel shows me where I'm spending my money and helps with accounting."

Intelligent Office started in Boulder, Colorado in 1995. Clients can use Intelligent Office locations at over 50 locations across North America. With a complete menu of services and anytime-access to their offices, clients enjoy a complete office solution customized to their needs.

The remote reception services are particularly popular. Intelligent Office has up to 8 receptionists working at their call center at one time so that clients and their customers always get personal service. Receptionists will answer and screen a call, announce the call, and direct it anywhere in the world. If you're a home-based business, reception services give callers the appearance of a fully staffed office.

Intelligent Office helps small business avoid leases, equipment, and staff with a quality location and support at a fraction of the cost. The virtual office is an alternative to consider.
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Welcome to Intelligent Office Toronto at The Hudson's Bay Centre. Located in the heart of the city, the Hudson's Bay Centre sits at the intersection of business and pleasure in midtown Toronto. It comprises a 535,000 square foot office tower at 2 Bloor Street East, The Bay department store, apartments, condominiums, and an extensive retail concourse with a variety of shops and services. Directly above the intersection of two subway lines at the corner of Yonge and Bloor Streets and in close proximity to the Don Valley Parkway (DVP), HBC offers excellent accessibility. Dynamic surroundings of the Bloor-Yorkville shopping and entertainment district make HBC a favoured destination for tenants seeking modern office space in a leading-edge location.

We have 22 beautiful, professionally decorated offices, in addition to conference rooms, boardrooms, and a wide array of ground-breaking virtual office services. We offer a variety of new and unique services, including our exclusive Intelligent Assistant Live Call Answering phone service (never a missed call or busy signal), address & mail services, private meeting rooms, video conferencing, & administrative support - just to name a few. We believe these are the best executive suites and services available anywhere in the GTA.

Contact me today! Together we will create a custom package that works with your business needs and budget!

Lisa Toste
Regional Sales Manager, Toronto (Hudsons Bay Centre)

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