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Virtual Office Services Can Help You Beat Procrastination

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By Jessica Valdez   |    February 27, 2018   |    10:09 AM

Stay On Task With Virtual Office Services

As a small business owner it is important to stay focused on those tasks that keep growing your client and contact lists. So we understand why you might procrastinate on tasks that divert your focus from boosting the bottom line. But as any small business owners know, there’s much more to making your business work than making the sale. And procrastination can be a momentum killer.

Sometimes all it takes to beat procrastination is setting your focus. Set goals and deadlines and stick to them. Holding yourself accountable -- and on schedule -- means the job will get done on time. If the goals seem too daunting, break them down into smaller, achievable tasks. Checking those off your list can lead to a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

When you do check those things off your list, reward yourself for doing so. Even if it’s just five minutes to bask in the satisfaction of a job well done, or a nice dinner out, rewards can motivate you to tackle the next job.

Skipping the multitasking also can be a strategy for beating procrastination. Do one thing at a time and get it done before moving on to the next.

Outsource Certain Tasks to Beat Procrastination

Staying singularly focused on one job, though, isn’t always optimal or for that matter, realistic, so if you find you’re still procrastinating and haven’t found a way to break out of the pattern, consider hiring a virtual office service to take some things off your plate: You can stay focused on growing your business and things will still get done.

Virtual assistants are a great way to beat procrastination. Don’t have time to make those travel reservations for a trade show or conference? Don’t want to stop sales calls to type up the conversation from that last meeting? Let a virtual assistant take on those tasks.

A virtual assistant from Intelligent Office can answer incoming calls and make outgoing and confirmation calls, schedule appointments, take reservations and orders, make travel arrangements, gather survey results, manage your social media presence, do typing, answer inquiry emails, do meeting prep and more.

Simply put, a virtual assistant can remove some simpler tasks from your to-do list and enable you to focus on those things that can keep boosting sales and name recognition.

Worried your office or company isn’t big enough to retain such services? Don’t be. Virtual office services can be customized and scaled to meet your exact needs. Whether you provide professional services, trade services or even medical services, virtual office options can help your business thrive. From mail services to phone answering, a virtual office means your business is always working, even when you’re working for clients.

Our collection of small business resources white papers can help you learn more about ways virtual office services and a virtual assistant can help you beat procrastination and help your business succeed. And if you find virtual office services are a good option for you and your team to beat procrastination, check out all all the customizable services we can provide at Intelligent Office.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

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