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Office, Small Conference Room, and Large Conference - 50% off one time new clients only. Customized telephone support - 50% off 1st month, new clients only 6 month agreement

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Five Reasons Why

An Intelligent Office Receptionist Makes Sense

Here is a quick summary of why using the Intelligent Office Receptionist service may be perfect for your business whether a white collar professional, a blue collar service provider, a multi-national corporation or a “solopreneur”:

  1. Work “on your business” instead of “in your business,” which means working at getting new clients and/or serving existing clients, instead of answering your phone.
  2. Capture the new lead, by avoiding the lead finding voice-mail.
  3. Improve your firm’s or business’ image by having a professional receptionist answer your calls live, instead of the caller finding the “owner” answering his or her own phone, or running into a frustrating voice-mail system.
  4. Lower your overhead – stop paying a full-time employee to answer your phone, even when it is not ringing.
  5. Increase efficiency and effectiveness by allowing your high-value secretary, administrative assistant or associate professional staff to do the high value work they were hired to do, instead of answering your telephone calls. 

Intelligent, isn’t it?

Kipp Seidl
Manager, Cincinnati