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Coworking Spaces vs. Private Offices: What's the Best Choice?

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By K Mullan   |    August 16, 2018   |    10:18 PM

The Pros & Cons of Coworking Spaces and Private Offices

If you can’t decide between a coworking space and a private office, this quick article will help you weigh the potential benefits and downsides.

Each option has a few pros and cons, and understanding them will help you make an informed choice for your business. Before you know it, you’ll be settled into your new working space, working productively on growing your business.

Understanding the benefits and downsides of coworking spaces

Coworking spaces refer to an open, shared office environment. You’ll be surrounded by fellow professionals, and they’ll be working on their own businesses right alongside you. Some of the perks to this arrangement include:

  • Easy cross-talent collaboration with other professionals.
  • Increased productivity and better focus, especially if you join a distraction-free space. This is something we offer at Intelligent Office, though other coworking spaces pride themselves on a social environment. One set-up isn’t better than the other — it’s all about what you prefer.
  • A sense of community and greater engagement with peers, which is particularly nice if you’ve been working alone for a while.
  • Access to office tools and facilities outside your usual budget.

There are some definite downsides to coworking, too:

  • Shared, open spaces are noisier than private offices.
  • If you’re someone who can’t focus when there’s an interesting conversation to be had, being surrounded by peers could become a distraction.
  • If your job or business requires you to make frequent phone calls, a coworking space might not be the best choice.
  • You likely won’t be working from the exact same spot every day, unless your fellow coworkers naturally stick to some sort of seating arrangement.
  • While most coworking spaces have rentable meeting room space, you may want to consider a private office if you have frequent visitors. This will ensure you always have a quiet space to meet.

If you decide that a coworking space is right for you, take the time to find an office that you truly enjoy. Every space has a different atmosphere, and some companies even have a network of offices you can access.

Is a rentable private office right for you?

Private office rentals can take on a number of forms. For example, we offer both Executive Office Suites and private Virtual Offices. Some of the biggest benefits of this arrangement are:

  • Access to a private, secure office, typically 24/7.
  • The ability to utilize additional virtual business services, like reception help, a professional mailing address, and more. (Note that some coworking spaces also offer these services.)
  • There’s something about closing a door that helps you get more work done.
  • An aura of increased professionalism around your business.
  • Flexible membership terms, with no need for long-term and inflexible commercial leases.
  • You’ll be working from the same office, every day.

The main downside to renting a private office is the cost, because private offices will cost more than a shared coworking space. And while you’ll still have access to the space’s community, you will be “off on your own,” in a sense. Though, for some business owners, that could be a very welcome working arrangement.

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