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The Shreiber Law Firm

Jeffrey Schreiber is the principal of The Schreiber Law Firm and has practiced law since 1983 after graduating from law school with honors. He is admitted to practice law in the States of California, Arizona and Washington. In addition, he is admitted to practice in all federal courts in California, Arizona and Washington, the United States Tax Court and the United States Supreme Court. He has several published legal opinions and has been a speaker on bankruptcy, debt collection and tax resolution matters in continuing legal education courses for attorneys. He also taught bankruptcy and real estate classes at the University of San Diego paralegal program for 10 years.

His practice focuses on representing debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, resolving tax problems with federal and California taxing authorities, wills, trusts and estate planning, probate matters and advising and representing small business owners in employment, tax, litigation and contract matters at rates tailored to small businesses

Delia Silva, Psy D, ABPP-CN

·Dr. Silva is a board-certified neuropsychologist who specializes in cognitive and emotional evaluations of individuals ages 16-90 with neurologic, psychiatric, and complex medical conditions. She provides these neuropsychological services in San Diego. ·As a result of our Intelligent Assistant live reception service, Dr. Silva’s practice runs smoothly and efficiently. We answer all calls, schedule appointments and collect information. We contact Dr. Silva when necessary. Our assistants are sensitive and caring to the needs of the patients and are well received by everyone. Because our assistants speak Spanish, they are able to work with Dr. Silva’s Hispanic patients and can communicate effectively with them on all matters. Dr. Silva’s practice runs smoothly, her patients are taken care of, the insurance approvals are processed and her practice is thriving. Dr. Silva is extremely happy with our service.

·“Intelligent Office has provided me with very personalized service that has helped me run my private practice more efficiently. In addition to handling administrative tasks, my assistants make a great first impression for prospective clients, and have been excellent in their communication with them as well as myself. I highly recommend Intelligent Office!”

Dr. Delia Silva, psy.D.

Eye Center of La Jolla

“Our patient centered practice provides comprehensive medical, surgical, and laser services for all your eye care needs in a personalized setting.” Dr. Shervin Alborzian

Welcome To Our Practice. In today’s world, where “limited resources” dominate the discussion in medicine, this practice keeps traditional patient care at the center of our focus. The doctor-patient relationship is the sacred core of our mission upon which we construct the correct diagnosis and treatment plans, using the latest medical knowledge and modern surgical techniques.


Intelligent Office of San Diego (La Jolla) serves a wide variety of clients. They are attorneys, consultants, accountants, doctors, e-commerce operations, plumbers, electricians, pharmaceutical companies, therapists, and we can work with most business models. We work with solo entrepreneurs as well as small to medium-sized businesses to provide transitional and long-term virtual office solutions. We also work with the IT start-up community.

Vista Resource Group

Vista Resource Group is a premier boutique IT Search firm, focusing on bringing advancing IT professionals into a company’s organization. They endeavor to become a true partner with each candidate and client they serve. Vista Resource Group maximizes productivity of their candidate and client engagements by asking the right questions and advising based on local market trends and decades of staffing knowledge. Their Account Managers and Recruiters have a deep understanding of the local market and the top skills in demand.

·“Intelligent Office gave me the flexibility to quickly launch my business and offers a professional work environment. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and I couldn’t imagine a better place to get started!”

Ryan Buono, Director, Client Services & Recruitment

Innovus Pharmaceuticals

Headquartered in La Jolla, CA Innovus Pharma (INNV) is an emerging pharmaceutical company that develops, in-licenses, acquires and markets prescription and consumer health products in dermatology, autoimmune, respiratory and sexual dysfunction diseases with unique packaging and presentation for better patient compliance, convenience and results.

“Intelligent Office has been an amazing asset to our growing business. We have been able to utilize several different features that they have to offer, including the flexible and permanent office space, conference rooms, and administrative services. As a small business just taking off, Intelligent Office offers us the flexibility that we need and a great environment that fosters all of our needs.”

Jenna Shafer, Esq., Legal Department

Dreamscapes by MGR

Dreamscapes by MGR is Southern California’s leading custom swimming pool and landscape contractor and design firm.

Dreamscapes by M.G.R. started business as M.G.R. Construction in 1993. The company worked primarily as the premier masonry and landscaping sub-contractor to some of the most prestigious pool contractors and custom home builders in South Orange County. Many of these contractors do not have the capability to perform these services in-house and relied upon our expertise and experience to do this detailed work. In early 2003 we expanded and renamed the company to Dreamscapes By M.G.R. to give us better exposure with the individual homeowner. We have since become one of the top swimming pool and landscape contractors in Southern California.

We pride ourselves on superior workmanship, excellent customer service, and an endless commitment to detail. Our mission is to provide industry-leading customer satisfaction, and we’re doing just that. To accomplish this mission we base our company on the following principles

Emilia A. Tavakoli, Esq.

"The Intelligent Office has a professional and helpful staff, and they always greet clients with a welcoming smile. They take care of me and my clients exceptionally well. The La Jolla UTC office location is ideal, the office building is beautiful, and my clients never have to worry about finding parking because of the attached parking garage. Intelligent Office also provides access to office space and conference rooms after hours and during weekends. I did a diligent search prior to choosing to use Intelligent Office, and they were by far the best option for the price. Ever since I began using their using space, they have met or exceeded my expectations in customer service and professionalism."

PF2 Securities Evaluations Inc.


PF2 is an independent third-party consulting firm that specializes in measuring risk and improving transparency in the otherwise illiquid and opaque world of securitization.

With our keen appreciation for the various risk frameworks and rating methodologies, PF2 is regularly engaged by our clients to provide an independent opinion, as a consultant, and to perform objective assessments on the valuation of structured finance securities.

SuddenLife LLC

·Sudden Life-Sudden Life is a heart rhythm recording service. Available only on prescription of a physician, the Zio patch can record the heart rhythm up to 14 days continuously. After 14 days the patch is returned and is recorded with outcome and recommendations from the cardiologist.The founder and clinical director of SuddenLife is also the Chairman of the Department of Cardiology and Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla where he has practiced for over 25 years. He is an internationally recognized authority on cardiac arrhythmias having published over 125 peer-reviewed medical articles including three in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

·“Intelligent Office is a cost effective and wonderful way to conduct business. The staff is exceptional in service and maintaining service quality with professional standards. The amenities that Intelligent Office provides are amazing as it gives us a professional corporate feel without the professional corporate cost. We love it here!”

Alana Tierney, Director of Operations

Jera Ratliff, PT, CFMT

"Not knowing what to expect as I walked into the suite, I was feeling a bit out of place in such an ‘executive’ environment. After all I am a physical therapist, not an ‘executive’. Filled with doubt about housing a medical practice in such a place, I had many concerns and questions. However, beginning with the introduction and then throughout the process I experienced the staff’s professionalism, warmth, and dedication to fulfill on what they promise and soon became confident that my first business was in the right place! Called a ‘boutique’ office suite, it is designed to fit your individual needs and indeed there are many different types of businesses here which made me much less hesitant to begin a healthcare practice in such an atypical location. I can tell you that my experience here has been almost flawless (you wouldn’t believe me if I said it had been) and my patients have felt at home. In fact I think they are getting a bit spoiled with all the amenities! This is a top-notch environment with amenities and detailed touches, a dedicated and caring group of professionals, and an excellent way to run a small business. Bottom line… I love intelligent office and how it works and could not be happier with my decision. I look forward to growing my business with them by my side and I know they will help me do just that."

Scott Milnas Coaching

·Scott Milnas provides singles and couples coaching, including pre-engagement coaching, pre-marital coaching, marriage mentoring/relationship coaching, breakup recovery, divorce recovery and singles coaching. In addition, he is the creator of Circle of Life Coaching. ·Scott’s clients have easy freeway access to our location and have greatly enjoyed the professional yet warm environment that we have to offer. Because of this great location, Scott Milnas Coaching has seen many happy clients and referrals as a direct result of a great coaching technique along with a fantastic location and exceptional service that we are able to provide.

·“When my business began to grow, I needed to find a clean, professional environment to meet my clients. After some research, I discovered Intelligent Office, and it's proven to be exactly what I needed- and more. The team at Intelligent Office is very attentive and responsive to my needs, and always goes the extra mile to make my clients feel welcome and comfortable. As a busy entrepreneur, I really appreciate just how easy they make everything. My experience here continues to exceed my expectations, and I would recommend any business owner to locate their office here with confidence. Scott Milnas, Relationship Expert & Life Coach

San DIego Pain Treatment Center

Dr Lathrop’s regenerative electrotherapy has helped most people with chronic neck pain, back pain, knee pain and other pain issues avoid surgery and the side effects of modern allopathic medical solutions. Electrotherapy accelerates and promotes the healing process with no side effects and is very affordable.

If you are the least bit open to exploring an alternative to the drugs, physical therapy, surgery and other alternative treatments you have tried – if you are just a little bit curious if there could be a solution you have come to the right place. Most people who come in to see us, are in just this place. They come in saying they have “tried everything” and yet they don’t want the pain to rule their lives and they are open to really seeing if Dr. Lathrop and the FDA cleared medical technologies he uses can make a difference. And 9 times out of 10 they do – significantly!

Gerry Manzari, CEO

Albany Distributing is a wholesale distributor that offers a complete lineup of consumer electronics, and voice and converged communication products. Founded in 2004, Albany Distributing has shown a steady sales growth rate. Our financial success has enabled us to expand our distribution channels and quickly become a recognized company in the drop shipping and wholesale industry.

One of our major product lines is Plantronics, the world leader in communication telephone headsets. Albany Distributing is a serious player in the headset industry that offers headset solutions for homes, small and medium businesses, call centers and enterprise applications.

We pride ourselves on fast and reliable order fulfillment and “five star” customer service!

Sindie Alvarado, Branch Manager

"Leasing with Intelligent Office has been a great experience. Unfortunately, I had to vacate another office quickly and Vicky Acevedo made the experience easy and affordable. The executive suite operation is professional, yet friendly and warm. The staff is great to work with and they take good care of my clients. Their smiles are a nice start to my day. This set up is definitely taking my business to the next level."

Steve Suhrheinrich, Regional Publisher

"My team has been thrilled with the La Jolla Intelligent Office. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. The office is clean, modern and professional. They take care of everything and make you feel at home. The Intelligent Office has been the ideal space for team meetings, trainings and team prospecting sessions. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs flexible office space. It's been great."

Marcy Piasecki, Owner/Operator

"The Intelligent Office La Jolla team has been wonderful to work with and very accommodating to the needs of our growing small business. We won't miss a single call because we can depend on Intelligent Office to professionally answer our client and potential client's questions as well as make reservations and schedule appointments. We love the peace of mind that the Intelligent Office Assistants provide and are thankful that they are part of our team!"

Paskal Technologies

Covering the globe with its unique line of products, Paskal Technologies, is one the world's leading manufacturers of trellising accessories, providing modern, agricultural solutions for greenhouses, orchards and vineyards. The company has been in operation for more than 20 years, in over 70 different countries around the world. Direct communication, combined with professional know-how and expert guidance, serves as Paskal Technologies' common denominator in working with growers and selecting the most appropriate trellising method for their specific crops and needs.

Paskal Technologies' philosophy is straightforward: suit the trellising method to the specific crop, climate conditions, growing season and available manpower. These varying conditions set the tune for selecting the most appropriate products and the most promising method for a successful yield. Accordingly, numerous trellising products and systems have been developed to meet the diversified needs of growers.

Paskal Technologies operates an efficient global network of distributors, enabling accessibility and availability to clients throughout the world, while maintaining abundant stock supplies in company warehouses – in Israel, Spain, Mexico, Canada and Poland – and is assisted by additional distributors in other parts of the world.

Our motto is plain and simple:
Paskal is a local manufacturer anywhere in the world!

Paskal Technologies is a member of the Paskal Group, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural products and solutions for agricultural production in greenhouses.

Aug 7 2016
Cybersecurity for Small Business

If you’re running a small business, you probably have some vital and sensitive information about your company and its customers stored online.  63% of small businesses have been victims of a cyberattack and 79% of them do not have a cyberattack response plan*. 

Is your business a part of the above statistic? If it is, you need to get to work creating a response plan for when an attack happens.  Things you must do are: (1) notify customers of any security breaches; (2) regularly change passwords; (3) secure payment systems; (4) conduct frequent security audits; (5) consider hiring a cybersecurity firm to find weaknesses in your systems and procedures; (6) get a cybersecurity insurance policy.   According to Jack J Landers of Teague Insurance in San Diego, these insurance policies are affordable and provide a wide array of policy limits. Many carriers are even offering extra coverage endorsements that can even be added on to their General Liability/Package policies at very low cost.

*Louie Beaupre, “Smarter Office Blog”, 2016. 

Jul 5 2016
San Diego Innovation should be “Contagious” for your Business

Based on a report from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the San Diego region comes ninth for the number of technology patents granted with over 34,000, among other metropolitan areas from 2000-2013.  The amount of intellectual property has more than doubled in the last decade!

Most of the innovation has been in biotechnology companies established in Sorrento Mesa and La Jolla.  But what about non-biotech, non-clean-tech or non-software businesses like yours?  What have you done in your organization in the last 1-2 years that has “wowed” customers and has given you an edge?  Has it been better productivity?  Have you come up with a product, process, or way of delivering your services that has put you ahead?  If not, what is stopping you?  Is it cash?  Better planning?  More creativity?  Perhaps you are making some decent profits and don’t want to “rock the boat” too much? 

A lean, practical and reasonably priced business strategy that uses a combination of virtual services may be the place to start.  With many entrepreneurs and solo practitioners, we’ve found that what triggers innovation is when they start to think differently about using professional space or admin support. 

Remember: it’s your business and your life.  You make it what you want it to be. 

Jun 7 2016
Chatbots vs Human Assistants

There’s a lot of hype about “chatbots” lately in Silicon Valley.  These are little artificial-intelligence programs that work like personalized assistants.*   Microsoft talks about a bot that is a personal digital assistant that knows you, knows about your world and helps you with everyday tasks like ordering pizza using text, Skype or Slack.  However, the digital beings (e.g., Alexa, Operator, Assist,, Siri, Magic, Fin, Messenger) that claim to make our lives easier, organize us and even make us feel emotionally better off are not the Nirvana we expect.  Many times, chatbots cannot accomplish a task without the help of a human being in the “back office” somewhere around the world (be more inquisitive about this the next time you use a bot!).  The bots may misinterpret what you want done because of your accent, tone or the way you phrased your question or need. 

And in the business world, they won’t help you with handling a critical client or an irritated caller.  It is very challenging to replace human interaction in day-to-day business dealings and settings.  Assistance is not just about ordering things or playing the music you want.  It is about paying attention to tone of voice and acting in consequence; it is about anticipating what your needs will be; making your clients feel taken care of; it is an exchange of information on a daily basis; it is about the nuances in a conversation to better interpret what you and your clients need. 

The underlying reason chatbots exist is for companies like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft to keep you as a client/subscriber for their core services.  So ask yourself whether the AI services you are using are putting you in the path of “wallet domination.”

*Please refer to “What Chatbots Reveal About Our Own Shortcomings”, by Jenna Wortham, The New York Times Magazine, April 21, 2016. 

May 2 2016
Virtual Impressions Matter

Virtual Impressions Matter

You’ve heard the old expression “first Impressions matter” when you meet someone. The same applies to your callers. Customers and prospects form an impression of you and your business within 7 seconds of initial contact, and 87% state that the tone of voice highly impacts their experience.

Though we see many improvements in customer service technology, customers still prefer to connect with a human being.

Having a friendly and professional person answering your phone creates a great experience for callers, opens a personal connection, builds trust, and increases the likelihood of repeat business. A virtual assistant can transfer calls to you wherever you are, and take messages when you can’t or don’t want to be reached. Your callers get the attention they deserve, you save on hiring a full-time employee and you get the freedom to do more with your business.

A top notch virtual assistant service will know how to handle prospects, current clients, solicitors, vendors and family/personal. These calls can be prioritized (e.g. create specific instructions for certain types of calls) and based on your schedule (there are times when you don’t want to take calls or only calls from certain people or companies).

What else can a Virtual Assistant do?

  • Gather caller information and send intake forms to you or your staff.
  • Send the call to your voicemail.
  • Give callers a description of your services or answer basic questions.
  • Schedule appointments and make reminder calls.

Remember, first caller impressions count for a lot!

Apr 29 2013
Intelligent Office Mentioned in CBS Moneywatch

Beyond Starbucks: Where freelancers are working

Apr 26, 2013 (MoneyWatch) -- If you're a freelancer, you may be spending your days competing for electrical outlets at the 'Bucks or struggling to be efficient in a home office, with distractions ranging from kids to the kitchen. If you have a little extra money... Read the article.

Apr 29 2013
Intelligent Office Study Shows Importance of Social media in Workplace

Workers Demand Social Media Rights

Employees no longer see using Facebook in the office as luxury or a business tool, but as a right, new research shows. A quarter of employees say they would not work for a company that banned social media at work. In total, nearly one-third of employees are spending an hour or more a day on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites during work hours, a study by virtual office space franchise Intelligent Office found. Read the article.

Apr 17 2013
Intelligent Office releases New Survey on Work Flexibility and Mobility

Technology Fueling Workers' Desire for More Choice on the Job, Including Greater Flexibility and Mobility

DENVER, Apr 17, 2013 -- A new survey has found that technology is fueling workers' desire for more choice on the job, including greater flexibility and mobility. In a survey of more than 1,000 people in the United States and Canada, 61 percent want to use a more mobile device than a desktop while at work. Additionally, a third of respondents now want to work for a company that allows them to use their own technology. These are results of the newest survey from the Intelligent Office Work IQ brand, which looked at the use of technology and social media in the workplace. Read the press release.

Feb 22 2013
Do We Need Office Space?

In a world increasingly dominated by smartphones, it seems natural that the workforce is developing into a mobile one. No longer do workers need to go to the office to accomplish their daily tasks. They can answer emails, conduct meetings, take notes and keep organized on a calendar — all on a device that is not much larger than a business card

Read Entire Article.

May 16 2012
Intelligent Office San Diego Produces New Office Video

Last week, we had a videographer from Streamlight Productions tape our beautiful offices and the busy work of our capable Intelligent Assistants. View the video via the link below:

Mar 23 2012
Thank You for Making our Grand Opening a Success!

Thank you to all who attended the Grand Opening last night.Close to 100 guests showed up to support the newest IO office! The team here at IO San Diego really enjoyed meeting all of you. It was a great night and we appreciated your presence.

Congratulations to our raffle winners, and thank you to all those who donated in support of the raffle for the International Children’s Cancer Foundation. Proceeds from that raffle will go towards the ICCF’s ministry. We are proud to announce that, with your help, we raised over $200!

Mar 23 2012
Intelligent Office-San Diego Selects Johnson & Jennings as General Contractor

 (January 2, 2012) — Intelligent Office, the virtual, professionally staffed office space for mobile executives and small businesses opening in February 2012, has chosen Johnson and Jennings as general contractor.


“Johnson and Jennings was an obvious choice for this project,” said

Gustavo De La Fuente
, managing director, Intelligent Office San Diego. Their track record, combined with expertise and experience, make them a great fit for Intelligent Office-San Diego.”


The project will encompass all interior construction of the 4,500 square-foot office space that upon completion will have two conference rooms and multiple office spaces.


Johnson & Jennings specializes in tenant improvement and commercial construction. The firm has worked with Taylor Made, Procopio, the State Attorney General, Francis Parker Lower School and more.


Scheduled for a grand opening in February 2012, visits to the location, as well as appointments for tours can be made by going to or calling (858) 964-2300.


About Intelligent Office-San Diego

Intelligent Office is the leading virtual, professionally staffed office space for mobile executives and small businesses in North America. Intelligent Office helps clients grow their businesses and work smarter by

combining professional staffing with the physical and technological infrastructure of a virtual office.
For more information on services go to For information on domestic and international franchise opportunities visit You can also follow Intelligent Office on Twitter at @IntelligentOfcSDor on Facebook at!/pages/Intelligent-Office-San-Diego/108009302641181.



Mar 23 2012
Intelligent Office Expands Presence into Southern California; New Office Located in San Diego

San Diego, Calif. – (Nov. 21, 2011) — Intelligent Office, a virtual, professionally staffed office space for mobile executives and small businesses, is expanding its presence in California with the opening of a San Diego location.

 Adding a new office at 4275 Executive Square in La Jolla increases the company’s presence into Southern California. With its existing Walnut Creek location, Intelligent Office now has two centrally located offices in California: Northern California and Southern California to provide new ways for mobile executives and small businesses to reduce overhead costs while benefitting from the assistance of a professional support staff.

 With San Diego ranked as one of the most expensive places to rent office space in North America, Intelligent Office is filling a need in this particular area by offering professional office space and services that allow people to work smarter and meet the demands of modern business.

The opening of an office in San Diego gives us an expanded footprint in California, where there is a rich entrepreneurial and business community that fits well with our vision to offer services that give people the freedom to work – anytime, anywhere, professionally,” said Ralph Gregory, Founder and CEO, Intelligent Office.

The 4,500-square-foot office space will have services that can be purchased a la carte ranging from an Intelligent Assistant -- remote receptionist services; Intelligent Workspace -- furnished private offices, conference rooms; and Intelligent Solutions -- professionals scheduling and handling appointments, data entry, managing client account history, and mail forwarding.

 “Our concept is based on combining

professional staffing with the physical and technological infrastructure of a virtual office
for everyone from the sole practitioner to multi-staff businesses,” said
Gustavo De La Fuente
, managing director, Intelligent Office San Diego. “Our location is in the heart of San Diego’s thriving business district, making it a great resource.”

Scheduled for a grand opening in February 2012, visits to the location, as well as appointments for tours can be made by going to or calling (858) 964-2300.

 About Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office is the leading virtual, professionally staffed office space for mobile executives and small businesses in North America. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colo., and has 50 franchises across the United States and Canada. Intelligent Office helps clients grow their businesses and work smarter by

combining professional staffing with the physical and technological infrastructure of a virtual office.
For more information on services go to For information on domestic and international franchise opportunities visit You can also follow Intelligent Office on Twitter at @IntelligentOfcSD or visit the company on Facebook at



Vicky Acevedo

Intelligent Office San Diego

(858) 964-2300


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Welcome To Your New - INTELLIGENT - Office!

Hiring employees, renting offices and purchasing equipment isn't always cost effective. Intelligent Office of San Diego (La Jolla) provides alternative solutions to traditional office needs and services.

From start-ups to rainmakers on the go, customize your new office and services for exactly what you need, only when you need it. With Intelligent Office, you can have the complete professional business identity you need — all at a fraction of the cost of traditional office and staffing expenses.

Your new Intelligent Office is located in a Class A building at Executive Square in beautiful La Jolla, with easy access to other businesses and the 5 and 805 Freeways.

The RIGHT Image For Your Business

A welcoming atmosphere and modern decor along with friendly and professional receptionists gives your business a professional appearance in facilities that are designed and maintained to impress. Beautiful and fully equipped conference rooms and meeting spaces will ensure your business projects the right image of professionalism and commitment to your customers.

Perhaps you're just looking for occasional or flexible conference and office use, or you only need VIRTUAL ASSISTANT services? Our Virtual Office services can be used in conjunction with physical office space or without — everything you need is completely customized to fit your business.

Click on the MORE button below for additional services.

My Intelligent Office


Your business is ready to take off. All you need is a launch pad that is more professional than the corner coffee shop. So consider a traditional full-time office, shared, or part-time, flexible office and staff without the overhead. You’ll have a private, fully furnished office with phones, internet service, conference rooms and a locked mail box. Our receptionist is your receptionist -always ready to handle your calls, schedule your appointments, and almost anything else you need. No more missed important calls, amateurish cell phone answering or business calls going straight to voicemail. And it all comes with a professional address worthy of your vision. There’s no stopping you now.


Image is critical in your business. So even though you still work out of your home office, your ambitions are bigger. You need an address to match. Something professional, prestigious. A place where you can meet with clients, receive packages and have someone answer the phone who doesn’t refer to you as Dad or Mom. Your hours are your own, so you’ll want secure access that lets you come and go as you please 24 hours a day. And mail forwarding when you don’t feel like going in to your office. All at a price that remembers you’re a freelancer, even if you are an ambitious one.


You don’t wait for clients to come to you - you go get them. You’re out there, solving their problems every day. Paying for an office you’re rarely in doesn’t make sense. But it sure would be nice to have access to a fully furnished and equipped executive office when you need one and wherever you go. Especially when you need to make a presentation. And that’s what we give you - a private office in every one of our North American locations. You get 24 hour access with all the amenities. Executive furnishing, phone and internet service, white boards and flat screens, conference rooms and even a kitchen. All available on an ala carte hourly, daily or weekly basis. Whatever fits your changing schedule and business needs.


Your docket is always full. So you rarely have time to sit in an office. Your clients only call when they need you, and that could happen at any time. You could be in your car, at home or in a place where a phone is off limits. Voice mail isn’t going to help your prospects and clients. They want a real person to answer the phone - and a highly trained, professional one at that. Our receptionists answer, screen and transfer your calls to any number you want. Our Intelligent Assistants can do intakes, confirm meetings and schedule your appointments. All from an office that looks incredibly buttoned up, on those occasions when you actually need one.

Intelligent Office Space and Reception/Assistant Solutions:

Our focus is on providing businesses like yours with exceptional quality service — customized and personalized according to each individual's unique business needs. Choose from a wide range of services, including:

  • A La Jolla business address and mail services
  • Live virtual reception service
    • Prospect and current client call answering, screening, announcing and connecting
    • Client intake forms
    • FAQs
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Client / Patient Management applications
    • Outbound calling services
    • Overflow calls or lunchtime, vacation, sick leave coverage
    • Customer service representation
  • Social media posting
  • Virtual assistant administrative services
  • Flexible office space for use only when you need it
  • Fully equipped conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • Dedicated private office space Membership access to all other Intelligent Office locations throughout the United States

Whether you're starting a business, expanding an existing company, or looking for alternative office solutions, Intelligent Office of San Diego (La Jolla) can provide the complete professional business identity you need at significant cost savings.

Get a free, customized quote and see how Intelligent Office can start helping you grow your business today!

Pablo Puig
President & CEO Intelligent Office - La Jolla, San Diego (La Jolla)