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The New Work Landscape

By Gustavo A De La Fuente   |    October 4, 2016   |    10:32 AM

Modern times are changing the definition of what it means to run a business and who does the work.  Technology is making it easier for small business to extend their client base without adding office space or employees*.  Not only do they opt out of the traditional office, but they also outsource most aspects of their business. Companies are tapping content marketing, search engine marketing and virtual assistants in the U.S. and elsewhere to take care of many day-to-day tasks.  Many business owners use only contract workers, outfit their staffs with wearable devices to track where they are and use recruiters (who in turn use artificial intelligence) to match candidates with what they require.  Then there is the work-anywhere phenomenon.  Use of apps such as Google Hangouts and Slack keep employees and teams connected and abreast of project development while allowing them to work from a variety of environments. Cementing the trend towards a new way of working, workers between the ages of 18 and 35 have become the largest demographic in the office. 

*”Don’t Look Now but the Future of Work is Here”, Michelle V. Rafter, San Diego Union Tribune, September 4, 2016.