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11325 Random Hills Rd. Suite 360
Fairfax, VA 22030

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This Profile was authored by Eric Silver of OutsidersDC.

The quality and values of an organization are immediately revealed upon first contact with their front-line staff.
I have never been as impressed with any company as I was with Intelligent Office of Fairfax, and the moment you pass through their doors your perception of virtual officing will be raised to a level unlikely to be equaled elsewhere.

Intelligent Office of Fairfax offers more than 5,700 square feet of Class A office space in 18 private, well-appointed offices (15 with windows) with three conference rooms, kitchen/break room, and a fitness center. Essential amenities include voice/data communications, wireless internet, networked printing, presentation projectors and videoconferencing.

With Intelligent Assistant you have the benefits of a full-time receptionist without the inconveniences that usually come with employing personnel. A top-notch professional, guided by you, is always there to promptly answer your clients' calls per your exact instructions -- then screen, announce and seamlessly forward your calls to you as if you were sitting behind your desk at the office.

With Intelligent Workspace you have 24/7 access to meeting space
and conference rooms in a first-class corporate facility on an as-needed basis - by the hour, day or week. Which means that if you're a one-person shop or small business owner, you can bolster your image with a prestigious business address. And if you're looking to expand into other markets, you can do so without investing in expensive infrastructure and high rent.

But the feature that most impressed me is the professional reception service, which you and your visiting clients or guests will always remember.

Times have changed and where you work is no longer limited to one physical address. It's not the size of your business... It's the image you project, and Intelligent Office of Fairfax provides the flexible office space, customized reception service, support staff, and administrative services you need to conduct business professionally - at a fraction of the cost of traditional officing. In other words, you can seem like a bigger player without spending like one.


11325 Random Hills Road
Suite 360
Fairfax, VA 22030
Email: silviaz@intelligentoffice.comWeb: www.intelligentoffice.com


Silvia L. Zuniga
Owner, Fairfax

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