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Oct 1 2015

Internet Upgrade in Tysons, Reston, and Arlington Intelligent Offices

Intelligent office members in the Tysons, Reston, and Arlington areas are in for an extreme Internet upgrade. 100mbps dedicated symmetrical fiber Internet is now available! With the upgrade, Internet speed, efficiency, reliability, and overall capabilities will improve drastically.

Gone are the days of slow and unreliable Internet connection. Intelligent Office’s upgraded Internet will increase productivity and pace, along with general workplace morale.

What is 100mbps dedicated symmetrical fiber Internet?

At 100mbps high-speed data transfer, the upgraded Internet is designed to support larger numbers of simultaneous users where access to the Internet is mission critical. Unlike broadband, which is shared bandwidth; a dedicated fiber circuit comes from the ISP backbone directly into Intelligent Office locations. Since the bandwidth is no longer being shared with other users, reliability is enhanced and speeds are much more consistent.Symmetrical Internet refers to identical connection and speed for downloading and uploading information (100/100mbps). This ensures better video quality, smoother Skype sessions, and faster file uploading, among other things. Cooper transport is the most common way to deliver Internet. Telephone lines or cable connections are less reliable and not as scalable as fiber based Internet. While fiber may be more expensive, its advantages for businesses and first-class service make it the medium of choice for Intelligent Office. 100mbps dedicated symmetrical fiber Internet will be an extremely beneficial upgrade for Intelligent Office workers.

To learn more about the new Internet upgrade or to rent office space in our Tysons, Reston, or Arlington locations, call Intelligent Office today.

Sep 14 2015

Intelligent Office Partners with Liquidspace and to Expand its Online Live Scheduling Service

Enables Anyone to Reserve Meeting and Conference Rooms and Executive Office Space at U.S. Intelligent Office Facilities Directly from LiquidSpace and

Intelligent Office, a virtual office facility providing administrative and staffing services for mobile executives, small businesses, professional services firms, and independent contractors, today announced partnerships withLiquidSpace and These partnerships will expand the Intelligent Office online live scheduling service and enable anyone to reserve meeting space directly from LiquidSpace and

“The trends related to the new economy and the modern workforce mean that people have more freedom to work and do business from anywhere at anytime,” said Louie Beaupre, Executive Vice President, Marketing for Intelligent Office. “However, the importance of face-to-face meetings or in person collaboration will never fully disappear. That’s why we have partnered with LiquidSpace and – to accommodate the needs of the growing mobile workforce by making it easier for people to schedule a professional meeting place when they need it.”

Intelligent Office is making hundreds of meeting and conference rooms, and executive offices available at hourly rates through these two new platforms. Available now for approximately half of its U.S. locations, Intelligent Office will complete the rollout to all of its U.S. and Canadian locations later this year.

For more information on services, go to

Aug 4 2015

11th Annual Crab Feast & BBQ Networking Event

One of the primary benefits of virtual offices and coworking spaces is the enormous opportunity for networking. However, it’s also beneficial for workers to meet up outside the office. Bonding and connecting in a unique environment can help build stronger relationships. The 11th annual Ultimate Crab Feast & BBQ Bash Networking Event is the perfect opportunity for the Intelligent Office community to do so.

The Tech Council of Maryland is bringing together delicious Maryland crabs, the great outdoors, and a variety of tech professionals for its 11th annual Crab Feast & BBQ Bash. On Thursday, August 13 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm, Smokey Glen Farm will be transformed into a summertime paradise where technology, life science, and business professionals of all kinds can relax, network, and feast. Leave your suit and tie at home, roll up your sleeves, and celebrate the summer.

Sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, the Tech Council’s ultimate summer bash attracts over 250 guests for an afternoon of casual outdoor fun. With no speeches and no agenda, the event provides an ideal opportunity to connect or reconnect with other professionals in an easy-going environment that doesn’t feel forced. Maryland crabs, Smokey Glen Farm barbeque, sides, homemade pie, and ice-cold beer will be on the menu. Smokey Glen Farm’s revitalizing country landscape is the perfect place to celebrate and build lasting relationships.

The Intelligent Office community is invited to grow their communication network while enjoying the delicious tastes of Maryland. The feast begins at 5pm at Smokey Glen Farm, located off of Riffleford Road in Gaithersburg.

Don’t miss the biggest networking event of the season! To register for the crab feast & bbq bash, visit Tech Council of MD’s website today. Premier member and member plus pricing is $49, member pricing is $69, and non-member pricing is $109. Make sure you sign up soon to reserve your spot. For additional inquiries, contact Tech Council MD today, or reach them on Facebook or Twitter.

Jul 22 2015

Intelligent Office to Attend the 3rd Annual VA Business & Community Expo

Join us at the 3rd Annual VA Business & Community Expo in Arlington on Tuesday, July 28 2015 from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Intelligent Office members who bring a friend will receive a $20 credit to their account and their guest will be entered for a chance to win a free podcast or gift card!

This is a great networking opportunity for small businesses and includes guest speakers and workshops aimed at growing your business and providing the necessary tools for smart business practices.

Register here.

Jun 4 2015

Summer Kickoff with IO

Intelligent Office of Arlington is hosting a happy hour celebrating the official start of summer and you're invited. Please join us for refreshing cocktails and sweet summer treats as we spend quality time with our members and guests. We hope you will take advantage of this free social and networking event!


Arlington Intelligent Office, 1100 North Glebe Rd. #1010 Arlington, VA 22201

Date & Time:

June 24, from 4 PM – 7 PM

* The event is free, but registration is required.

RSVP here:

May 11 2015

Intelligent Office Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

Intelligent Office of Tysons and Reston, Virginia are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and you're invited. Please join us for refreshing cocktails and hors d'oeuvres on the rooftop at Intelligent Office Arlington overlooking a breathtaking view of Ballston. Members are encouraged to bring guests in order to have more chances to win prizes. The more guests you bring, the more chances you'll get! Prizes include gift cards, intelligent office bucks, and Apple TVs! Our members are what make us a great place to work, so we hope you will join us to celebrate, network, and win prizes!


Arlington Intelligent Office, 1100 N. Glebe Rd. #1010 Arlington, VA 22201

Date & Time:

May 14th, from 6 PM – 9 PM

* The event is free, but registration is required.

RSVP here:

Apr 10 2015

4 Effective Ways to Manage a Remote Team

The virtual workplace is now more the norm than the exception. Technology such as Skype and GoToMeeting and free conference calls allows employers to provide workers with a flexible schedule where they don't all have to be under the same roof.

For the employee, the virtual work life creates room for a better work-life balance. For the employer, it broadens the pool of qualified employees since location is no longer a hindrance or a cost factor when hiring for a position. If that person is the right person for the job, then working remotely could be the perfect fit.

Read more here:

Mar 16 2015

How Virtual Assistants Can Scale Your Business

There are hundreds of responsibilities to juggle every day when you run a business. Virtual assistants (VAs) can ease some of that strain by taking over administrative, technical, and social tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

Read more here:

Feb 23 2015

Ditch the Brick & Mortar: The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Accountants

Accountants are great at saving money for their clients. Now, they are finding that virtual offices are designed to save them money too!

Read more in our latest blog:

Feb 3 2015

The Rise of the Virtual Office

The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important. These days many knowledge workers can be productive anywhere, thanks to smarter, more numerous mobile devices, faster network access, and a growing number of online collaboration tools. Telecommuting is no longer merely something that the phone company is trying to sell you. And wherever the office may be, wider and better use of social networks, data analytics, and smart technologies such as voice recognition could be poised to increase productivity dramatically—meaning that both real and virtual offices may have fewer people in them.

Read more:

Dec 4 2014

5 Signs Your Startup Needs a Virtual Office

1. You need to improve your professional image

You’re on a shoestring budget, you haven’t got an established client list yet, and you’re operating out of your spare bedroom. But a few small details can actually help you to project a professional image – and getting the right business address is one of them.

Renting a virtual office means you won’t need to have your business correspondence sent to 53 Suburbia Avenue. And you can keep it a secret that you’re working in your PJs from the comfort of your spare room.

Read more:

Nov 6 2014

Why You Need to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

There will come a time in your business when you feel plagued with the never ending amount of tasks and projects required to successfully operate your company. In a state of overwhelm, there is simply too much for one person to achieve while remaining efficient, effective and balanced. You may find that you have numerous responsibilities to complete but not enough hours in the day.


Sep 2 2014

Why You Should Use a Virtual Office

Four reasons why you don't need to spend on setting up a traditional office to recruit staff.

If you're taking on more work than you can handle as a sole trader, one of the biggest costs involved in starting up a business is that of setting up an office.

But now you don't need to. With rental fees for office space as well as the equipment for employees – not to mention the expense of paying the bills – it might make sense to implement a virtual office.

Read more:

Aug 4 2014

Hong Kong's Startup Office Spaces

In the space of 2 to 3 years, Hong Kong has become a hotbed of startup activity. But startups need a place to live and grow, and Hong Kong's astronomical real estate prices don't provide the most conducive habitat for cash-strapped entrepreneurs. Enter the co-work space and/or virtual office.

Read more:

Jun 2 2014

5 Apps to Make Your Virtual Office Lifestyle More Productive

" What's the one thing today's mobile worker needs? Connectivity. And a virtual office, of course! OK, that's two things – but they both work hand-in-hand. After all as a remote or mobile worker, the world is your office – so you need to be as productive as possible when you're working here, there and everywhere."

Read more here:

Mar 3 2014

Low-Cost Marketing Tactics for a Down Economy

In these difficult times, as the customer pool shrinks and budgets tighten, companies must fine-tune their marketing efforts. Here are tips on refining your marketing approach to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs.

Eliminate marginal investments
Interview your salespeople to identify which marketing tools have been most instrumental in successfully selling your products or services. Determine which marketing program has the biggest role in snaring recent sales and allocate your marketing budget toward those programs. Then take these steps:

Eliminate marketing communications projects you might never get around to anyway. These wish list?projects can be added back to the marketing to-do list when the economy turns around and you have the money and resources needed to do them right.

Eliminate marketing designed only to enhance your brand. These marketing programs won't have much affect on your short-term sales results. Instead, focus on generating leads and sales from a well-targeted group of prospects and let the quality of your marketing communications, response materials and website take care of enhancing your company's image.

Eliminate marketing programs that have not shown a significant positive ROI, as measured by leads or sales. Determine which programs will have the biggest impact on generating qualified, sales-ready leads and short-term sales. Make sure these stay at the top of the list for funding and implementation.

Increase direct marketing.

Increase your use of e-mail and postal mail to deliver targeted offers to your most desirable prospects. Postal mail may get through when your e-mail gets blocked as spam. To cut costs, use laser-printed business letters rather than expensive full-color mailers. Rather than doing one-time postal mailings to rented lists, improve your results by sending repeat mailings targeted at known prospects (such as your own prospect database).

Save money by sending expensive literature or materials only to those who request them not to every prospect in your database. If you don't have your own e-mail lists to market to, consider having publishers send your e-mail to their lists for you, or placing ads in targeted e-newsletters or e-zines. These are economical ways to get past e-mail filters, reach your prospects directly and generate a quick response.

Negotiate discounts on trade publication advertising. In these difficult times, you will likely be better off with a high-frequency or high-impact presence in one or two key publications than with an occasional presence in several. Study circulation information to clearly understand what percentage of the magazines readership is really part of your target market. Ask your media rep to give you statistics on what percentage of their subscribers also read competitive magazines, and consider this information when calculating your true cost per thousand.

Be sure your print ads are benefit- or solution-focused (rather than emphasizing features) with strong calls-to-action designed to generate leads or drive sales.

Read more in 16 proven techniques for better B2B sales leads generation with print advertising.
When the economy is soft, trade publication advertising sales are often weak. This allows you to negotiate an attractive rate with publishers.

Use trade shows smartly trade shows can be expensive, so consider eliminating those that haven?t previously shown a favorable ROI. Instead, concentrate your investments in those shows and conferences which have proven effective in generating leads and driving sales.

Then look for ways to reduce your trade show costs and boost your ROI. For example, consider hosting a smaller exhibit. Ask your dealers, distributors or resellers to help you staff the booth. Eliminate expensive cocktail parties. Send pre-show mailings to increase the number of visitors to your booth and lower your overall cost per lead. Send post-show mailings and use telemarketing follow-up to convert casual inquiries into qualified leads.

Enhance your website. A few cost-effective changes can turn your website into a sales lead generation machine. Select and use keywords carefully so your site appears in the search results for your intended audience. Post keyword-rich articles and case studies on your site. To turn visitors into leads, place offers or calls-to-action on every page of your website. Back up your claims with proof, including certifications, awards and customer testimonials.

Move to virtual seminars and workshops
You can cut some of the cost of your seminars and workshops by hosting them online. Webinars, online product demonstrations and other virtual meetings eliminate travel expenses of presenters and staff. And virtual events sometimes enjoy better attendance than live events because attendees don?t need to leave their offices. You still need to spend some of your marketing funds promoting your virtual events, but you can save a bundle on travel, meeting rooms and refreshments.

Put marketing collateral online. My research shows that three in ten requesters still want printed materials to share with their bosses, colleagues or clients. This ratio also means seven in ten will be happy and instantly gratified to be directed to your website or sent PDF files.

You can also save on printed literature production costs by avoiding expensive metallic inks, or by taking advantage of excess paper supplies your printer is willing to discount. Die cuts can be costly, but not if you use a die the printer already has created. You can also make items in smaller sizes or print two-sided materials to reduce printing and shipping costs.

Publish articles on your subject of expertise.
Take advantage of inexpensive opportunities such as writing or contributing articles to industry publications, business magazines, blogs, websites and even Vistage View. Articles showcase your expertise to a highly targeted audience of your prospective clients. They can learn more about your company if you put a short biography at the end of the article and a link to a free whitepaper or how-to guide.

Use your article to gain media attention by shortening it and distributing it as a press release with a newswire service. Make sure your release links back to the full version of the article posted on your site. Additionally, you can post comments on relevant online news stories or industry blogs, and in your comment include a link to your article.

You may also consider writing a more in-depth version of the article, a white paper or special report, and offering it to website visitors.

Use newsletters. Newsletters are another great way to provide customer value and keep your company?s name top-of-mind without spending a fortune.

Consider using your newsletter to help you identify and qualify prospects. That is, make newsletter subscription involve filling out a brief survey which asks questions about people?s level of interest in your products, buying authority and purchasing horizon. This information can go into your database for immediate or future follow-up, as appropriate, by marketing or sales. Be sure to also publish your newsletter on your website.

Provide speakers to meetings and conferences
Another economical marketing tactic is to promote your company?s executives as potential speakers at key meetings and conferences. Speaking at prominent events positions those executives as experts. You can also use these events to generate leads by offering audience members a copy of the presentation, a free white paper or some other valuable information if they give you a business card.

Find a marketing partner. Stretch your marketing dollars by teaming up with a company whose products or services complement yours. By pooling your resources, you and your partner can get far more mileage from your respective investments than either of you could alone.

For example, consider jointly sponsoring a mailing to promote products and services of both partners to their mutual universe of prospects. Not only do you split the costs, but you also gain access to additional prospects.

Create a referral program. Leverage the power of your existing customers by creating a referral program that rewards customers for sending prospects to your company. Getting referrals from happy long-term customers may be as easy as simply asking for it. Additional incentives, although worth considering, may not be required.

These ideas may trigger additional ways to cut the fat in your marketing programs and better focus your marketing efforts on driving short-term leads and sales during these difficult economic times. Doing so will help enhance marketing?s reputation with senior management as a valuable contributor to the corporate mission.

M. H. "Mac" McIntosh is described by many as one of America's leading business-to-business sales and marketing consultants and an expert on the subject of sales leads. For more information, or to request a free subscription to his newsletter, Sales Lead Report®, visit

Jan 7 2014

Intelligent Office Serves as Catalyst for Connections

Tysons Corner, VA -- Jan 07, 2014 / ( -- Intelligent Office, the premier choice for those needing professional office and communications solutions, is proving itself as a prime networking hub in the Northern Virginia area by hosting numerous events during the month of December.

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