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Celebrating Women's Small Business Month

By Matthew Whitaker   |    October 28, 2020   |    7:09 AM

In celebration of October Women’s Small Business Month, Intelligent Office Alexandria is pleased to introduce our client, Dr. Elizabeth Scott. She is the founder and CEO of Brighter Strategies, an organizational development consulting firm specializing in organizational planning, change management, process improvement and leadership development for socially minded organizations. We met with Dr. Scott and her team to learn more about her experience as a female business owner and how Intelligent Office Alexandria has helped improve her operations.

Dr. Scott has built a strong business whose core mission is “to help build empowered organizations through the pursuit of best practices and continuous improvement initiatives.” Owning her own business means that she has the flexibility to meet clients where they are and customize solutions that are a win/win. “I don’t need to follow a corporate rulebook. I also love the ability to build community and purpose with my amazing team.” 

As a woman business owner, Dr. Scott encourages other business owners to be true to themselves and to surround themselves with talented people. The number one piece of advice that she gives to anyone, and especially to women interested in owning a business is: “Don’t try to force yourself into some model of what you think a business owner should be. Instead, be yourself; trade on what’s unique about you and your business.”

When it comes to working with Intelligent Office Alexandria, what Dr. Scott appreciates most is not having to focus on details that are not related to her core mission or her core competencies. “Intelligent Office Alexandria makes sure that potential clients can contact me, but it’s not something I have to worry, or even think about.” Having someone to answer their phone calls allows Dr. Scott the time to focus on the most important matters of her business. 

Intelligent Office Alexandria always strives to serve clients in meaningful ways. To learn more about what we do and how we can help grow your business, contact