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Executive Office Suites: Having a Professional Space on a Tight Budget

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By Townes Haas   |    June 6, 2014   |    8:36 AM

Why Executive Office Space Is a Good Alternative to a Traditional Office Space

Working from home or a coffee shop can save businesses money, but what happens when a business owner need to have a meeting with potential clients or investors? To put forth a professional face, businesses, freelancers and startups need a dedicated executive office space for meetings.

Should You Invest In Office Space?

A real office provides businesses with all the amenities that they need: private executive offices, meeting rooms, white boards, kitchens, etc. It also offers a dedicated space for all business activities, including answering phone calls and performing daily tasks. The problem with permanent office space is the cost of it. A 2013 report indicated that rent prices for office space averages nearly $23.23 per square foot, and those prices could be higher depending on where you live.

For most small to medium-sized businesses, this is more overhead than they’re willing to – or even have the capital – for which to pay. Yet, they still require an executive office space. An alternative to a full-time office is an executive office suite.

What is an Executive Office Suite?

An executive office suite looks just like a traditional office space, featuring:

  1. Executive and guest chairs
  2. Conference phones
  3. WiFi
  4. Office equipment like copier, fax and scanner
  5. Whiteboards
  6. Fully furnished kitchens
  7. Coffee
  8. Secretarial/notary services

Basically, these suites have everything that a business needs to run and grow – just like a traditional office. The difference here is that businesses don’t rent the entire building; they simply rent the executive office suite and only when it’s needed. For example, if a small business owner is having a meeting with investors, he can rent an executive office suite for an hour or even daily or weekly, only paying for the time that he’s actually using the space.

How to Leverage Executive Office Suites

As mentioned earlier, a person may work out of his home or some other space, but he doesn’t have a dedicated space to have meetings. An executive office suite allows a business to have a physical address as opposed to just a P.O. Box. Plus, a receptionist is available to greet guests and accept deliveries.

The office is set up like a traditional corporate office with a desk and places for your guests to sit. Close the door, and eliminate surrounding distractions. Visitors can take advantage of free WiFi, no need to try and find a coffee shop or restaurant that has it.

The space also has all of the equipment that is need to do business. No need to run to Kinkos to make copies or send faxes. The use of all of this equipment is included in the price of the rental. This also saves time and money in the long run since businesses don’t need to run out and try to find office equipment/furniture, and then spend the money to purchase it.

An executive office suite provides all the amenities of having a corporate office without the long-term commitments and leases. They are already setup and ready to go. Businesses just need to pick the day and the time.

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