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Columbus, OH 43215

Virtual Receptionist Experience

Unknown CallerHave you ever wondered if the call you missed is a potential new client?Have you called back to find out that the caller has gone with your competitor?
Chained to PhoneAre phone calls interrupting your work?Do you spend too much time dealing with unqualified clients or working on routine tasks like scheduling appointments?
Frustrated CallerAre your clients frustrated calling you to only get to voicemail?Are you spending a lot of time playing phone tag?Do you need someone to cover your receptionist who is out on lunch, sick, or on vacation?

The Intelligent Office Difference

Intelligent Office Receptionist

With Intelligent Office, never miss a call!

Let our friendly, courteous receptionists give your business the warm, professional touch!

They will impress your callers and provide exceptional customer service!

They can do the routine tasks so you can focus on the important!

Think about how much time you will save when someone else takes care of scheduling appointments, filling out customer intake forms, screening calls, and qualifying prospects for you.

We provide phone answering and call center capabilities; however, we're not your traditional call center. Our receptionists are based locally and our service is more personalized and high touch.

If you already have an on-site receptionist, our receptionists can also provide backup coverage to give you the peace of mind.

Otto Beatty
Managing Director, Columbus (Downtown)