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Client Testimonials


Leo LegereGenerate new business: “Helped generate a lot of new business for us.”
Andrew MerlowImprove bottom line: “I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and the improvement in my bottom line by helping reduce my overhead.”
Patrick O'RiellyProject a professional image: “Great place to meet clients… really comfortable place to be.”
Leo LegereWork intelligently: “Helped us dramatically to streamline the [prescreening] process and reduce the time to interview clients.”
Flavio CarvalhoProvide excellent service: "Before becoming a client with Intelligent Office in San Francisco, I compared other options. In the end I chose IO San Francisco because, in addition to having beautiful offices conveniently located in the heart of the business district, the staff was courteous and very professional. The staff goes out of their way to answer questions, solve problems, and meet the needs of my business. I offer my clients “excellence in legal counsel,” so it is important to me that every aspect of my client’s experience with my office is “excellent.” And thanks to Anthony, Briana, Rachel, and Emily, that’s the treatment they receive when they come to my office."
Brian YoungGreat staff: "What makes Intelligent Office stand out is the people. They run a great virtual service that complements your business and frees you up to do other things."
Financial Services
Personal assistant: “So dynamic.”Mark Fasnacht
Focus on work and not staff management: “Allowed me to focus on what I’m doing… hiring Intelligent Office has been one of the smartest things I’ve done.”Sam Gilbert
A la carte: “I’ve been able to save a chunk of dough with Intelligent Office… I can use as much as I need and only get charged for the services that I use.”Jay Reiner
Professional meeting rooms and staff: “I get compliments all the time about their meeting space, how it looks and the professionalism of the staff.”Eddie Williams
Paul Woodford,

Paul Woodford Services

Improve business and work-life balance: "I am a San Francisco Handyman that is constantly on the go. Intelligent office has been an incredible asset to my business. Before I connected with them I was spending 2 to 3 hours a day just returning phone calls and e-mails. Now I actually have my evenings free, and my stress level is drastically reduced. In addition, my customers are very happy about the ability to book appointments quickly and to speak to a live person when they call. Intelligent Office is helping me to bring my business and customer service up to the next level."
Sean Love,Love PaintingStaff that works the way you want: "I didn't know what I was missing.... I used to spend hours a day on the phone.... For a fraction of the cost of having a full time office staff, I could now get the exact same service. Best part is I had the opportunity to teach them exactly how I wanted them to answer my phones.... My clients are always telling me how polite Jill is, or how Brianna is so professional. Not only does Intelligent Office offer the service, but they excel at it. I don't refer many people as my reputation is on the line when I do, but I recommend IO highly and easily. I just wish they had called me years ago!"
Eddie Kamand,Kamand LocksmithIncrease business and productivity: "We renewed services with Intelligent Office without hesitation. Our business has increased since we started using their virtual receptionist services. Our schedule is full, and our work days are easier since we can concentrate on our current jobs instead of worrying about answering the phone."
Martin Wall,Martin Sign CompanyFocus on important tasks: "My company is a sign shop and we are in a deadline business. Before Intelligent Office I would get new calls throughout the day distracting me. My company was slowly getting further and further behind as we grew. We hired Intelligent Office to be a warm and friendly voice for the new calls that we get. This freed me up to focus on the important tasks that I have throughout the day and I could get back to the new calls at a time when I'm prepared for them. I'm very happy with Intelligent Office being on my team."
Norris MinickQuick start up: “Intelligent Office was really key to our being to [get settled and start working with clients].”
Albert WongReduce worry: “Wonderful experience to start my business at Intelligent Office… took a lot of worries away from me.”
Get more business by connecting prospective callers with a live person: “Because [prospective patients] are talking to a live person who can meet their needs, it’s a much higher chance of getting that patient.”Neil Smith
Helene BaileyGain immediate access to staff and services: “A lot of people starting a business, they need that additional help… Intelligent Office solves that problem.”
Public Relations
Impress your clients: “My clients always are impressed… it’s a very positive experience from the client point of view.”Saul Rosenthal
Real Estate
Norris MinickProfessional Receptionists: “Clients are calling in. They are getting a live person answering the phone that feels to them like part of our company. And feels to us frankly like part of our company as well.”
Scott ShepardImprove productivity: “Intelligent Assistant program helps us free up a lot of time… and grow my business.”
Business infrastructure: “Given us a base that we can operate from and become more efficient.”Keith Conner
Great phone answering capabilities: “Really works well for me.”Ron
Social Media / Advertising / Marketing / Graphic Design
Derek HectorProfessional receptionists and cost efficiency: “Really impressed with the way that Intelligent Office handles inbound calls. None of our clients felt like it was an answering service. They actually really felt that these were our receptionists.”
Brandon VannoGrow business with professional image: “Very beneficial for projecting that professional image… ”
Jennifer HamptonLive answering, screening, and delivering messages: “Makes it very convenient. Better for my clients when they get to speak to a live person.”
Jean Harvey"I was interested in finding a flexible office solution that would meet the needs of my small business. Intelligent Office offered technology - to support my growing business, flexibility - that would allow me to expand, and professionalism - giving a small business the support bigger companies can afford. These features, a great value, were offered to my company at a very reasonable cost. I was very impressed with the array of services they provide to all types of businesses."
Sales Professional
Establish local presence: “It has been a fantastic experience.”Jason Crichton

Picture of Franchise Manager
Otto Beatty
Managing Director, Columbus (Downtown)
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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
Download The Intelligent Office APP