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Services for Service Companies

An Intelligent Assistant for the Intelligent Attorney, Financial Professional, Insurance or Real Estate Agent, Photographers, etc!

The Bloomington Intelligent Office’s Intelligent Assistant remote receptionist services work particularly well for service based businesses by:

  • Always answering your phone your way during business hours
  • Reducing or eliminating interruptions while you're with a client
  • Completing intake questionnaires
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Capturing leads so you don’t lose business to a competitor
  • Routing calls to different specialist at your company

Think about it.  How much is a missed customer acquisition opportunity worth to you?  Likewise, how important is it for you to get your work done without constant interruptions from your phone?  We have the solution that will make you most productive today while allowing you to capture your leads for tomorrow.

Our Intelligent Assistant remote receptionist service provides the service professional with a live answer receptionist who will handle your calls the way you want.  For example, we can answer phone calls for a Law Office and determine whether the potential customer is calling about an urgent matter that must be addressed immediately.  If so then we can transfer the call directly to you or a colleague you designate or gather information for you (intake form) so you can have a productive conversation when you do return the call. 

Every call is screened and seamlessly transferred so the caller gets the impression that we are seated just outside of your office or at your reception desk.  If they ask any of those routine questions that you would want your assistant to answer then we assure a positive customer experience by answering the question for them (in the way you taught us).  When we transfer you a call you will see it is from The Intelligent Office. You can choose take it or not, with confidence that the call was handled just the way you wanted.

On the other hand, if the caller wants to make an appointment, our Intelligent Assistant can schedule an appointment for your company using a shared on-line calendar that you and The Intelligent Office share access to.

This exact scenario not only works for Attorneys and Law Offices but for Financial Professionals, Insurance and Real Estate Agents, Photographers and any other person in the service industry.  Our extremely reasonable fees are based upon call volume and whether or not you wish for us to handle other services (such as scheduling, intake interviews, billing, etc).  For services with a strong seasonal variance, we can even increase and decrease the call volume package depending on the season. 

Call us at 952-252-8600 for more information.

Picture of Franchise Manager
Dr. Joan and Eric Haakonstad
Owner, Bloomington
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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

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