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How to get started with Intelligent Office

Business owners often have questions about how to best utilize virtual offices, including how to get started. To answer those questions, Intelligent Office offers a detailed orientation program for every client. Here are a few details about the process that will give you an idea of what to expect when you begin working with Intelligent Office.

Business Goals

One of the first things we’d like to know is what goals you have for your business. This allows Intelligent Office to determine how our services can help accomplish those goals. If you want to capture more leads, you will need our phone answering service to serve as a reliable first point of contact. If you want to enhance your business image, you may need a virtual business address to secure a prestigious location. 

Pain Points

Every developing business has a few pain points, where internal operations are inefficient or potential customers’ expectations aren’t met. During the orientation process, our staff will ask questions directed to identifying these pain points. This way we can more effectively assess which virtual office solutions are most appropriate for us to provide to your customers. If you’re not able to juggle administrative services and deliver the quality of service required to expand your business, you will need a virtual assistant to answer phones and build relationships with prospects, so you can focus on servicing your existing client base.


Every business schedule is unique and requires a level of customized service. We want to familiarize our team with daily employee schedules, including gaining remote access to help schedule appointments on their calendars. This helps determine exactly when our services are needed, so you aren’t paying for more than you need. If you only need our phone answering service for an hour a day, we can make sure our team is present for that specific period of time. If you need office space or increased human power for a busy time of year, Intelligent Office services are tailored to your needs.

Communication Preferences

One of the underrated features of virtual offices is the detailed training of our assistants. As local members of your community and dedicated professionals, our Intelligent Assistants are a true extension of your business. Our clients actively participate in the orientation process, where they can specify preferred communication styles, draft call greetings, and provide any details that will help our assistants provide the level of service your customers deserve. These details might include screening out specific callers, forwarding only certain calls to the business owner or any other filtering strategies that you deem necessary.

Intelligent Office is a partner dedicated to giving your business the support needed to get to the next level and beyond. The orientation process is important in making sure we’re providing the services you need. If you’re ready to get started, get a quote today!

Rick Bigaouette
Manager, Bloomington