(Glenlake), GA

10 GlenLake Parkway Suite 130
Atlanta, GA 30328

Whether you're looking for an executive office suite, meeting room, phone answering service, co-working, shared office or virtual office solution, we can help you. Intelligent Office Atlanta provides a new, smarter, and more cost effective way of working and doing business. Hundreds of our clients have grown their business and reaped significant benefits, including higher sales, better customer service, reduced overhead costs, and improved work/life balance. We are more than an executive or virtual office; we become an extension of your business and help you with the routine so you can focus on the important. All of our à la carte services are customized to your business needs, so you pay for only what you use.

We are extremely proud of our experienced, professional staff who serve our clients all over the globe each day.  Our "rookie" has five years with us, so clearly, our experience is unprecedented.  Our staff is never late, out to lunch, sick, on vacation, resigning or requiring training.  We provide a consistency and professionalism that is near impossible to duplicate with your own full time staff.  And our assistants support you and your business at a fraction of the cost of your own staff.  Because we are all local, you have the opportunity to know us and build a personal relationship with the people supporting your company. 

 Please come by and meet your team and see the significant difference we can make in your business!

Richard Rehme
Director, Atlanta (Glenlake)

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