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Jul 9 2016

4 ways to build great customer relationships

At Intelligent Office Jacksonville we build great customer relationships by: Helping our customer, with great technology, while being our self, and having fun.

J.B. Glossinger Contributing Writer

Are they really that important?

As I sit in the virtual team meeting I stare at my computer screen.

I gaze at the more than 10,000 names on my screen, all of whom I have signed up over the last seven years. It amazes me with so many names that I am able to remember a lot of them.

Many have gone their own way, no longer customers. Some just visited briefly then moved on.

I feel pain in my heart each time I tell the team, “Go ahead and delete them from the database.” It pains me as I think over the years what I could have done better to help them. I think of what could have been if I understood what I know now: That is, each person is important. They aren’t numbers, but actual people behind those e-mail addresses.

You need satisfied customers to grow

Over the years my business has grown to the point where a few people that leave won’t hurt us, but that is not the point. What I have learned is to achieve growth you need satisfied customers, ambassadors for your brand. This is a critical point today that your entire team needs to buy into. It is about the relationships you have with your customers that will bring you long-term success.

There are some really great ways to do this with the technology we have today. Not just posting a cute picture (meme) or quote, but actually using the tools to connect. Whether it is Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or the next flavor of the week, these tools can help us build relationships, but you have to embrace them.

Part of my sadness of deleting customers from my database is that I didn’t embrace this earlier. I had a pretty arrogant attitude that people needed me, and that my competitors or distractions wouldn’t take them away. I was wrong.

You may be asking why am I cleaning the database? I believe in making sure the people that are in my database want to be reached and want to build a relationship with my company. I don’t want people who don’t want to be there. This may seem counterintuitive to the idea of building relationships, but it is the real core issue. You are looking for ambassadors and if people don’t match your culture or company that can actually be an anti-ambassador.

If you keep contacting people that don’t want you to contact them they will turn on you. You want to make sure the relationships you build are with your customers that are happy with your products and services. If not you may have a customer service nightmare.

How to build great relationships

How do you build great relationships with your customers? Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Actually help your customers. Get to know them, and figure out what needs and wants you can fill. The best way to do this is ask them. “How can I help you?” is still one of the best business questions ever.
  2. Embrace technology that helps you reach customers the maximum amount of times. These social tools make it easier for you to connect more than ever, and it doesn’t take too much time. Most of my connecting is done during down times on my phone. Heck, I even get some of it done on the golf course! Don’t make excuses; find the tool you like and use it.
  3. Be real and be an individual. Get your team to buy into this. People don’t want to build relationships with companies; they want to build them with people. If you can show that you are a real person behind your brand it gives it strength.
  4. Have fun. Watch turning the relationship process into a statistical tracking issue. Focus on communicating and providing value to your clients. Get to know them, honor them, and find the ones that really love you. When you find them, embrace them and watch how they become ambassadors for you.

This is what makes business amazing: The lives you impact. If you don’t have the fire to build real relationships with your customers and clients, then maybe you are in the wrong business.

I get that some people want to build a business to sell or to exit. I personally will never exit my business or retire. In fact, that word is not even in my vocabulary.

My main focus is to have a million friends, and with that everything else will be taken care of. I know I treat my customers as friends, how do you treat yours?

J.B. Glossinger is CEO of Alive Foundation and is an internationally known speaker, author, coach and consultant. J.B.’s podcast, MorningCoach, has been ranked among the top podcasts in the world.
Jul 3 2016

Great Development in our Neighborhood!!

Derek Gilliam Reporter Jacksonville Business Journal

The masterplan for The District, Peter Rummell's and Michael Munz’s 27-acre development at the former JEA generator site, has been changed to include more residential space.

“We’ve made the mix richer,” Rummell said -- with about 1,100 units now slated for the property.

In addition to the new residential space, the plan now calls for more pedestrian areas and features other changes.

“We’ve played with the block sizes,” Munz said. “We’ve, I think, improved the view corridors.”

Rummell, a long-time Jacksonville businessman and One Spark founder, said the plan could be in front of the Downtown Development Review Board in four to six weeks and construction will start in the fall.

Construction of the $500 million project had been slated to start in summer, but it is a few months behind schedule.

The changes to the design follow the exit of Jacksonville developer Mike Balanky, who Rummell bought out of the project in May.

Rummell and Munz both repeated that Balanky left the project in May because he has other projects that needed his focus.

“There’s no smoking gun there,” Rummell said.

The masterplan calls for about 1,100 residential units with a mix of townhouses, condos and apartments. Retail wraps around the ground floor of most structures.

There’s a 25,800-square-foot cinema, a four-acre park along the river, several riverfront restaurants. The larger buildings have self-contained parking garages built into the footprint. There's also an office building and a 16-story hotel.

The sizes of the buildings would put the project as one of the most ambitious in recent years as the hotel would be 230 feet tall, an apartment tower would be 200 feet tall and the office tower would also approach 200 feet .

“Jacksonville needs energy,” Rummell said. “Jacksonville needs something to happen, and the hardest part of anything like this is starting.”

Nov 12 2014

Great Views

Nov 11 2014

Intelligent Office opening Downtown

Intelligent Office opening Downtown

The recently sold Riverplace Tower is gaining a new tenant.

The Jacksonville franchise owner of Intelligent Office is renovating space on the eighth floor of the 28-story Downtown Southbank riverfront tower and expects an investment of up to $300,000 to complete the project.

Intelligent Office is a Denver-based chain that provides staffing, administrative and reception services, office suites and meeting rooms for mobile executives and small business owners.

Intelligent Office in Jacksonville is owned by Clyde’s Ride Inc., led by President Clyde Yandell and Secretary Juliana Yandell of Ponte Vedra Beach. Clyde Yandell is the former senior vice president and chief sales officer for CIT Bank LLC.

Yandell said Monday he expects the business will open by the end of the year in about 4,700 square feet in the tower, at 1301 Riverplace Blvd., and will start with three people on staff.

Yandell said the eighth floor at Riverplace Tower is a mechanical floor and Intelligent Office will occupy all the available office space there.

He explained that Intelligent Office provides executive suites for rent and virtual services for businesses. The company’s model is Class A office space and he looked at several Downtown buildings.

“The Southbank is poised for growth,” he said. In addition, he said the building management and the private University Club in the tower helped in the decision-making.

Riverplace Tower was sold Oct. 30 by Gate Petroleum Co. to Lingerfelt CommonWealth Partners for $29 million. The building is about 75 percent occupied.

A building-permit application shows an almost $160,000 renovation. Yandell said the total will be closer to $300,000 with equipment and furniture included.

Adams Interior Contractors Inc. is the contractor for the project, which the permit application shows as 4,036 square feet.

Theintelligentoffice.comsite says Intelligent Office has 60 franchises in the United States and Canada, including two more in Florida in Miami and Palm Beach Gardens.

Intelligent Office was founded in 1995 and began franchising in 1999. Clients have access to all virtual office services at all location across North America.

Intelligent Office joins a trending industry in Jacksonville, especially Downtown, for companies that provide office services for clients who seek mobile, short-term or supportive executive space.

Also on the Southbank, Regus, an international company based in Luxembourg, leases the 12th floor of the Aetna Building.

On the Northbank Downtown, Regus leases the 25th floor at the Bank of America Tower, while Jacksonville-based Executive Suite Professionals leases the 14th floor at EverBank Center.

(904) 356-2466

Oct 30 2014

Intelligent Office opening Jacksonville location

Morning Edition

Intelligent Office opening Jacksonville location

Oct 30, 2014, 8:32am EDT

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Office desk

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Timothy Gibbons
Managing Editor-Jacksonville Business Journal
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A new executives suite company is entering the Jacksonville market, which has seen a recent surge in virtual office offerings.

Intelligent Office will be opening in the Riverplace Tower, the Southbank property that is under contract to be sold. The 28-story, 420,000-square-foot building has a vacancy rate of 27.7 percent, with 116,390 square feet of available space.

"There are a large number of people in this city searching for services and resources that are targeted specifically to entrepreneurs and professionals. Jacksonville is an ideal location that is seeing increasing growth in small businesses," said Clyde Yandell, owner of the Jacksonville Intelligent Office franchise. "Our ultimate goal is to help local businesses grow and thrive."

The Jacksonville location, slated to open in December, will be the company's third in Florida, behind Miami and Palm Beach Gardens.

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