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Recent News

Sep 1 2023
Grand ReOpening of Lakewood Office

I wanted to say Thank You to everyone who came out for our Grand Re-Opening of the Intelligent Office of Lakewood. You were all generous with The Action Center and your donations are making an impact!

We look forward to continuing to grow and support businesses and non-profits across our locations in Arizona and Colorado.

Dottie Stowe and Edward Keller, you did a great job planning and executing this event, I'm proud to be on your team!

Find out more:

May 12 2016
Denver is TOP 100 Places to Live!

Recent news article deems Denver as one of the BEST places to live! Check out how Intelligent Office - Cherry Creek can help your business!!!

Dec 8 2014
Five Questions for the Founder of Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office was founded 20 years ago in Boulder by Ralph Gregory. Now with 66 locations in major cities throughout North America, corporate offices have remained at the original Foothills and Arapahoe office. Gregory talked with The Camera about his concept and how Intelligent Office is fairing in the current economy.

1. Why did you start Intelligent Office and what does it do?

I became a dad and needed a better way to run a business and still have a personal life. To this day, Intelligent Office provides me all the necessary elements of a professional staff and a professional office at a fraction of the traditional cost by making it all a la carte. Use only what you need, pay for only what you use. Yes, I'm a client too, along with about 12,000 other businesses.

2. How much does it cost?

Clients set their own budget and needs. As a client, I pay about $300 a month for a full-time Intelligent assistant to handle my phone calls and all my address or mail services. But that's just me. Intelligent Office is a flexible and customized application of human and technological resources chosen by the client. Many have similar budgets, but no one has identical services.

3. How is the current economy affecting business?

In good times people look to increase profits. In difficult times they look to cut fat, and that's how most (clients) come to know of us. The unexpected bonus with Intelligent Office is both profits and reduced expenses with more quality of life. We're hitting new records every month

4. What's the hard part; your biggest challenge?

In this nanosecond span of attention culture and the commoditization of everything by the Internet, our continuing challenge is to convey the simple idea that 15 minutes of dialogue within an Intelligent Office provides usable and practical knowledge to manage your business better, whether you use Intelligent Office or not. It's a "can't lose" proposition, and I welcome anyone to take us up on it, by appointment of course.

5. What's the future of Intelligent Office?

This new way to work and live is coming with or without Intelligent Office. There is a new socioeconomic shift under way about the definition of work and an office. Intelligent Office just happened to recognize it first, and we plan to continue as the undisputed industry leader. Not too far in the future, the question will be, "Why aren't you working intelligently?" Granted, that terminology may be a bit self-serving, but, however phrased, the question will remain valid.

-- Daelena Tinnin

Oct 21 2009
Virtual Offices-The alternative to paying high rent
A unique service that is being used by many professionals today is the virtual office. With so many business professionals working from their homes or on the go, the virtual office has evolved into a popular alternative to leasing a permanent office. It provides a creative solution which benefits the small business owner tremendously by letting them have the cake and eat it too.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office gives small business owners a presence in the business world for a fraction of normal rental costs. It is an alternative to leasing an office space, which can be costly for a new business owner. Virtual office services may also provide a set of online tools to help manage the small business. Although virtual office services differ, below is a list of some of the most common features.

1. Physical Business Address

Clients are provided with their own physical mailing address where business mail and small packages can be received. Virtual offices are not typically used to receive heavy volumes of mail as in a mail order business, but normal business mail quantities only. Those who operate a business from their home can use the virtual office address instead of their home address, which provides a safe and professional way to receive mail. Mail to a virtual office can be forwarded to the client's home address.

2. Local Phone Number

Virtual office services also include a local phone number where a business owner can receive calls and messages. Voice mail and forwarding are usually included so the client can check messages at any time. This works great for someone who works from home or does not wish to tie up a cell phone line if they are continuously on the go.

3. Fax Capabilities

Being able to receive faxes is important to any business. Faxes are used to conduct business, send reports, take orders and receive memos every day. Using the virtual office fax, the client receives faxes which can be forwarded directly to his/her email.

4. Part-time Office Access

Some virtual office services offer part-time access to a desk or work station with Internet capabilities, office equipment and more. This is available for those times when the client needs to organize a presentation before a conference or use the Internet or computer for business purposes.

5. Conference Room Access

Conference rooms are available for rent with some virtual office setups. The client can hold business meetings or give sales presentations without interruption.

6. Web Conference Room Access

Web conference rooms are available for virtual meetings. Rather than hold a physical meeting, the client can hold virtual business meetings or give virtual sales presentations. Virtual meetings have gained popularity in recent years because they save time and money while providing instant presentation opportunities. Some virtual office services offer this tool as an added service.

7. Online virtual tools

Online tools such as calendar, address book, webmail, document respository, to do's, forums, digital fax and digital voice mail have become common among many large businesses. Some virtual office services offer these tools and others as an added service.

Who can Benefit by using a Virtual Office?

People of all trades find virtual offices useful. Executives, salespeople, accountants, marketing consultants and online business owners each benefit by using a virtual office for certain tasks. Those who work from home and wish to establish a business presence find that a virtual office meets this need. Corporations also use virtual offices as a means of testing a business location before opening a new branch.

When renting an office is not an option, a virtual office can be used by small business owners to meet the daily needs while saving time and money.

Jan 6 2009
Colorado News Station Highlights Intelligent Office Concept
Colorado News Channel 7 investigates how businesses are able to stay afloat utilizing the Intelligent Office concept...

Virtual Benefits in a Down Economy

For the news clip used on the 10 o'clock news, click here:

Intelligent Office Channel 7 News Clip
Apr 7 2008
CoStar Realty Group Interviews Intelligent Office
According to CoStar Realty Information, the U.S. may now be witnessing the first major contraction in office space leases since the glut following the tech-bubble burst. The pinch on small businesses to contain operating costs may mean a downturn in traditional office leases and upgrades, yet ground has never been more fertile for alternatives.

Enter Ralph Gregory, the self-titled "father of virtual offices." In 1995, long before the media latched on to various definitions of this term, the Colorado-based Gregory started Intelligent Office
on the research-backed premise that other professionals like him would want to work from home or telecommute, while using professionally managed business functions that don't necessarily require an office, such as phone calls, faxes and e-mail.

In the following interview, Gregory discusses how management has increasingly embraced this model of doing business, and what that means for employees across the hierarchical spectrum.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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