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Designing Your Office Space For Maximum Productivity

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By Barbara Beauregard   |    June 10, 2019   |    9:13 AM

Office Design Tips and Hacks For a More Productive Workspace

Because your environment at work has a massive impact on how well you can focus, it also affects how much work you can accomplish. In a well-designed office, it’s easy to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Read on to learn about the most important design considerations for a productivity-centric office. Even if you’re only able to implement a hack or two, it could still make a big difference in your workday.

Make sure your office space has enough lighting

Bad lighting can make you feel tired and uninspired. You also can’t work if you can’t see, which is why lighting is often considered the most important feature in a productive office. Ideally, every office would be bathed in natural sunlight all day long. Since that’s not always possible, try giving your space a brightness boost with some interior lighting.

A bright desk lamp can make it so much easier to see what you’re working on and can even improve your mood. Plus, adding more desktop lighting is feasible even if you aren’t in control of the overall design of the space.

If you have more control, consider floor lamps and other sources of lighting. Having a variety of lights can be an especially welcome interior design element on cloudy days, too.

Invest in an ergonomic desk and chair

Much like lighting, the way your workspace is set up also influences workplace productivity. It’s hard to do your best work when your neck is sore from looking down at a computer, or when your hands and wrists hurt from typing in an uncomfortable position for hours at a time.

Some people also swear by standing desks and they can be a great option. Alternatively, an adjustable height desk gives you the best of both worlds. But remember, you don’t need an expensive desk or other fancy office furniture to create an ergonomic office. For a DIY guide to making a workspace that works for you, review this article from Lifehacker.

Keep your office at a comfortable temperature

This one can be tricky, especially if you’re working alongside other people who have their own preferences.

If you don’t have control over the thermostat, think about whether you tend to run hot or cold during the workday. You may want to keep a space heater and warm layers at your desk for cold days, or a small fan that can be used when the office is too hot.

Clear clutter to boost productivity

It’s easy to get distracted by a desk or workspace that’s covered in miscellaneous post-it notes, loose paper, pens, and other items. If you can keep everything organized, it will be far easier to hunker down and focus when work needs to be done.

Keeping the office clutter-free isn’t always easy, though. It can be especially difficult when you work from a home office, but a virtual office space is a great way to get away from messes at home.

You’ll work from a clean, tidy, and professionally appointed office space… all you have to do is open up your laptop and get to work. To learn more about virtual office spaces available in your city, click here.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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