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Alternative Office Options for Service Professionals, Independent Workers, and Small Businesses: Home Office

By Wilson Tandiono   |    April 8, 2014   |    1:56 PM

Home Office

Working in a home office has many advantages and can be very appealing, especially for those seeking a better work/life balance. There is no daily commute, no expensive office lease, no dress code, and more flexibility to manage personal activities such as errands, appointments, chores, exercise, daycare, and family time around the workday. This option is good for the independent professional that can work alone or remotely with others.

However, a home-based workstyle requires discipline to set working hours and stay productive without slacking off, getting distracted, or even putting in too much extra time. Potential isolation may be detrimental to business communications, networking, and social interaction. In addition, it can be inappropriate to meet clients at home for a variety of business reasons, such as lack of professionalism, security, and privacy; legal restrictions like residential zoning laws; or practical concerns like limited meeting space and parking capacity. A home office is also not ideal if you need on-site support staff, although outsourcing or using virtual assistants is an option.

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