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Actionable SEO and SEM Tactics for Successful Search Marketing

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By Garrett Spence   |    September 19, 2017   |    10:00 AM


The Latest SEO and SEM Tactics for Your Search Marketing Campaign

In their never-ending quest to better understand search intent, Google and other search engines continuously evolve. To stay competitive, modern marketers need to change with them. Here are some of the latest SEO and SEM tactics to help you plan a more effective campaign.

Optimize for mobile. A little over a year ago, Google released its mobile-first index, which determines its search listings based on the mobile versions of content. Around the same time, mobile usage exceeded desktop usage for first time worldwide. If your marketing content is not optimized for mobile devices, you are way behind in the game.

Cultivate backlinks. Since 2015, Google has been using the algorithm learning artificial intelligence system Rankbrain to shape its search results. Combined with the increasing importance of quality content, this development might seem to make backlinking less important. On the contrary, Google still weighs links heavily, often regarding each one as a "vote" for your site's quality. Just remember that it's difficult to attract quality links without quality content.

Build quality content. If your content isn't competitive or relevant, links won't help your ranking. Make sure to publish informative, unique content that will build visitor loyalty and encourage social media shares, which have a tendency to drive backlinking. You should also be sure to perform research, so you can identify relevant topics that will attract attention.

Leverage content syndication. By publishing your content on authoritative third-party sites, you can expose your brand to new audiences. There are many high-traffic sites that will allow you to publish a guest post in exchange for a professional link to your website or blog. Just make sure they are relevant to your industry, or your content isn't likely to connect. You can also expose your content to vast audiences through sites such as Outbrain and Taboola, which charge about $0.25 to $0.35 per click.

Optimize for voice search. Last year, Google announced that voice searches accounted for one-fifth of queries on its Android devices and mobile app. Since that time, the popularity of voice searches has only grown. Searching by voice has become a red-hot topic among forward-thinking SEO marketers. Make sure you optimize your pages for this trend by incorporating more conversational phrases in your content. You can also create FAQ pages that focus on less popular long-tail conversational keyword phrases.

Create a personal brand. Personal branding makes it easier to building user trust, secure guest posts and drive traffic to your business website. It's also a great way to engage users on social platforms, which tend to favor individual posts over branded posts. The concept is similar to corporate or organizational branding, except you build your personal brand as a foundational basis for your advertising and marketing communications. Since people tend to trust people more than businesses, this strategy is a great way to create more engagement, while also positioning yourself as an expert in your particular field.

Creating Value for Your Visitors

It's not easy to predict how Google and other search engines will evolve in the coming years. That said, it's a solid bet that they will continue to maintain favorable attitudes toward websites that deliver informative content that offers value to visitors. To succeed in the long-term, make sure to keep churning out quality content that speaks to your customer base.

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