Tucson, AZ

5151 E. Broadway Suite 1600
Tucson, AZ 85711

Client Testimonials

“One reason I have used Intelligent Office for six years now is that I get a team of well-trained receptionists for a fraction of what it would cost to hire just one on my own.

The two receptionists I work with the most are Emily and Betsy. They are always pleasant and efficient. They screen my calls, greet my clients, offer them coffee, keep track of when I am available or not, sort the mail, and maintain a clean and professional atmosphere.

If I had hired my own receptionist, I would be stuck coping with payroll, withholding, IRS forms, plus lunch hours, sick days, and vacations. Instead, Intelligent Office handles all that, and I get double coverage from Emily and Betsy, and even backup coverage from the receptionists at the other office.

The receptionists are not the only reason I use IO, but they're a big one.”

-Doug Cornell
President, Vantage Investing LLC

Ryan Harris
Managing Partner, Tucson

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