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Top 5 Reasons to Run Your Customer Service Remotely

As you can imagine, there are a variety of benefits to having someone else handle your customer service. In case you’re still pondering the decision, we’re providing you with the Top 5 Reasons to Run Your Customer Service Remotely. Let’s get started!

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Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Remote Customer Service Provider

You’re a busy person and that’s why you’ve decided you want to use a remote customer service provider. However, before hiring that person, you want to make sure they can handle each and every one of your specific needs. Below are the Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Remote Customer Service Provider:

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10 Things a Virtual Office Can Offer (That You Didn’t Know Was Possible)

When you hear the term, “Virtual Office,” what comes to mind? A room full of cubicles in some dusty building set away in a not-so-appealing part of town? A Bring-Your-Own-Coffee (BYOC) set up that is austere, bare, and kind of sad-looking? Well, those assumptions are simply not true! In fact, Virtual Offices can be really spectacular work environments with all the perks of your own office—but sometimes even better. Here are 10 things a virtual office can offer that you may not have realized:

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5 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About the Affordable Care Act

In advance of our Affordable Care Act Lunch & Learn talks next week, we wanted to provide you with the essential information every small business owner should know about the ACA. Here are 5 things to consider:

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Structure Your Business For Growth

A common mistake that business owners make today is under or over-estimating the growth or slowing of their businesses. How big of an office should we lease? Do we need our own email and file-sharing server?

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Denver’s Growing Trend of Alternative Working

We recently participated in an #InsideDenver Twitter chat, hosted by Blake Communications and Heinrich Marketing, that was focused on the growth of co-working spaces in Denver. Co-working spaces are certainly a rapidly growing trend, and the chat brought together a group of people who all have a unique perspective on what is behind this growth, the unique advantages of these spaces, and how co-working will continue to evolve.

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