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Next Stop Success - How a Virtual Office Address Program Improves Business Legitimacy

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By Townes Haas   |    June 12, 2017   |    10:23 AM


Virtual Office Addresses - the Need for an Address 

From cost and time savings to adding staff power to your small company or startup, the advantages of virtual offices can be many. They provide communication and address services, without dedicated office space, which means low overhead and high efficiency. 

Virtual Offices Will Help You Work Smart

If you’re looking to build your name recognition and credibility, or trying to acquire financial backing or credit, a virtual office can give you something else, too -- a professional address. 

“If you decide to use your home address for your company’s business address, keep in mind that some lenders may not extend credit to a ‘home-based’ business,” business credit expert Marco Carbajo wrote in an Industry Word blog for the Small Business Administration. 

Virtual offices, Carbajo wrote, are “an excellent solution for startups and small businesses looking to keep costs low while gaining all the resources of a professional corporate image.” 

Carbajo recommends a virtual office to “give your business the professional image you require to get ahead of the competition while you meet the compliance demands from creditors, suppliers and lenders.” 

Simply put, virtual offices offer a way to work leaner and on a budget and still present a polished company image to your existing and potential customers and partners. 

In another post, this one for Business Credit, Carbajo wrote “a business virtual office offers a brilliant and affordable way for even the smallest business operation to operate a business like a major corporation

“...  You can receive all the tools you need to run a serious business; a company phone number, a live assistant to answer incoming calls, a commercial mailing address, customized voice mail and a dedicated fax number,” he wrote. “It is an excellent remedy for startups and local business owners looking to keep operating costs low while creating a professional corporate image for their company.” 

Virtual Offices for Businesses of All Sizes

While virtual offices seem custom-made for small operations or new startups, their advantages are recognized by larger, long-established companies, too. 

Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich Inc., a digital marketing firm based in Chicago, took her firm virtual as an experiment and never went back. 

“In 2011, I took my Chicago-based communications firm virtual to save money by eliminating the rent I was paying in a downtown office building,” Dietrich wrote on the American Express Open forum. “What was supposed to be a one-year test to save some cash turned into a permanent situation as we discovered that productivity increased, turnover decreased and our employees were happier overall. 

“… In those businesses where technology truly allows you to work from anywhere, a virtual office offers a strong alternative to a traditional office environment.”

A strong alternative that allows you to work smarter and not lose any of your competitive edge, which is key if you’re looking to gain customers and fans while building strong business-to-business relationships.

For more information on the advantages a virtual office address can give your business, visit

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