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Success Stories

Situation Garretson Phillips, P.C., is a law firm that provides criminal defense counsel to clients at county, state, and federal courts in Fairfax, Arlington, and Prince William counties and throughout Northern Virginia. Garretson Phillips attorneys typically spend normal business hours either in court or meeting with clients where they are being held. With an individual caseload that involves more than 50 clients at any one time, Partner Kimberly Phillips often writes motions and handles e-mail and other critical client communications remotely between court appearances and client meetings.
Action While physical office space is not a top requirement for Garretson Phillips, dedicated support for critical correspondence is vital. Phillips and another partner chose virtual office arrangements at Intelligent Office of Fairfax. This allows Garretson Phillips attorneys to manage demanding schedules while being supported by a highly trained team at the office. Intelligent Office technology allows attorney court schedules to be consulted when handling incoming calls, phone calls to be routed to mobile phones, voice messages to be delivered as sound files via e-mail, and incoming faxes to also be routed via e-mail. Office and conference room space are available on an as-needed basis.
Results Virtual office arrangements and dedicated support for calls and other correspondence allows Garretson Phillips to successfully deliver a high level of client service against a backdrop that would otherwise keep attorneys out of reach for hours or days at a time. The correspondence gaps are bridged by a committed team using top tools and processes.

  “I couldn’t get by without Intelligent Office of Fairfax. I am unavailable during most business hours but I still need to respond to many critical calls and faxes every day. Even if a pressured client seems demanding, the Intelligent Office team takes the extra care to handle every call respectfully and ensure that we can meet our clients’ needs.”  —Kimberly Phillips


Situation Lampert & Associates, LLC, provides holistic financial planning for individual and institutional clients. The firm’s principal, Peter Lampert, is a Certified Public Accountant and an Attorney. He recently re-engineered his firm’s business model, dramatically reducing his need for office space. Lampert moved the firm’s back-office operations from a 2,000 square foot office suite to space in his home, but the need for front-office space – where meetings and planning sessions could be held – remained.
Action Lampert relocated his firm’s front-office operations to an office at Intelligent Office of Fairfax. He outfitted it as a comfortable sitting room with a sofa, chairs, and a whiteboard for plotting client investment strategy. He used a conference room as needed for reviewing documents and plans. About a year later, Lampert’s wife had a temporary but attractive job opportunity in Europe and he re-tooled the firm’s operations again to accommodate his family’s relocation, moving Lampert & Associates into a virtual office arrangement with Intelligent Office. When his wife’s work in Europe is completed, Lampert anticipates again availing himself of Intelligent Office’s flexibility to support his dynamic business.
Results While maintaining his initial arrangement, Lampert and his staff came to appreciate the way Intelligent Office staff became an extension of his business. He and his clients also had high regard for the “spectacular, airy physical space.” After Lampert temporarily relocated to Europe, Intelligent Office began packing his mail weekly and forwarding it to his assistant in Colorado. Flexibility became Lampert’s greatest need, even as it turned out to be one of the top benefits afforded by Intelligent Office.

“If I hadn’t had the kind of back up Intelligent Office of Fairfax provided, I might literally have had to close my doors.  Intelligent Office is the perfect extension of my business – more like a family.  They are delightful, working very hard to be flexible and responsive”  —Peter Lampert


Situation The Philadelphia Independence is a Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) team and member of the WPS league. In the two years leading up to and through its inaugural season, the team maintained a business office in the Washington metropolitan area, in proximity to the WPS league offices. The Independence office, staffed by 1-3 front office professionals, gave the team easy access to league resources, prospective investors, and a rich recruiting ground. The Business and Finance Director maintained her primary office at Intelligent Office of Fairfax during the team’s first two years of operation.
Action Physical office space was as important to the Philadelphia Independence as administrative support. The Independence occupied 1-3 dedicated offices at various times between March 2009 and November 2010, and always relied heavily on telephone, mail, and meeting support. As a branch office, access to copiers, printers, and other office equipment were a core need while communications with the home office in Philadelphia were a constant business requirement.
Results Dedicated support for calls and other correspondence allowed Philadelphia Independence staff to focus on the larger strategic needs of their young organization. Nice appointed offices and conference rooms in Class A space allowed the team to present themselves appropriately to business partners, league officials, players, and other guests. The team’s branch office in metropolitan Washington was viewed as a great success due in large part to the facilities, amenities, and professional support provided by Intelligent Office of Fairfax.

“From the time we established our branch office, the Intelligent Office of Fairfax team became an extension of our staff. From handling phone calls and processing mail to setting up meetings and conferences, they made everything tied to our business run very smoothly. Their customer service was excellent and the staff was very professional. Intelligent Office of Fairfax was truly part of our team.”  —Carrie Fary

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