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11 Career Boosting Podcasts

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By Garrett Spence   |    February 20, 2018   |    10:23 AM

Tune up your Career with These Podcasts

Inspiring stories, practical advice and feel-good inspiration all available via Podcast

Looking for ways to boost your career that don’t compete for your already scarce time? Grab your earbuds or turn on your Bluetooth and use your commute or daily dog walk to tune into a podcast or two.

Here are 11 to check out:

Hays Worldwide Podcast

Short episodes feature straightforward career advice, with each tackling a specific question that is sure to be on the minds of employees or job seekers. The podcast features interviews with recruitment experts and offers advice for all stages of careers.

The James Altucher Show

Altucher is a former hedge fund manager and best-selling author whose interviews with some of the best minds around are called blunt, refreshing and honest. He doesn’t shy away from hard questions and doesn’t accept the status quo. The result is a thought-provoking podcast that is as funny as it is informative.

Masters of Scale

Hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale features interviews with a host of executives and entrepreneurs and takes listeners on an auditory journey through the scaling-up of some of today’s biggest companies.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Lewis, also a best-selling author, dives into the qualities that make people successful and is chock full of inspiring stories. The tone is positive and resiliency is a key theme, which can make the podcast especially valuable for those experiencing setbacks at work or in a job search, as well as those who are just looking for some uplifting reinforcement to face their day-to-day routine.

How to Be Awesome at Your Job

This podcast hosted by Pete Mockaitis features interviews with a wide variety of people talking about how employees can advance their careers and improve their work lives. The website also includes a breakdown of lessons from each episode and links to topics be discussed.

The Charged Life With Brendon Burchard

Burchard is a performance expert and his podcast focuses on those things that make us feel alive, or the “charged life.” This is an excellent listen when your attitude is in need of adjustment or when you’re seeking a boost to face your day, week or even just a particularly daunting project or assignment.

Good Life Project

This podcast focuses on the importance of self-care and work-life balance, along with the tips for productivity and interviews and is billed as truly inspirational and full of good vibes.

Tara Brach

A teacher of Buddhist meditation, Brach is an excellent choice to help you find your center. Need to relax or find your focus? Tune in and breathe. A great choice for those who are working on being more present in the moment, no matter when or where that moment is.

This is Your Life With Michael Hyatt

This podcast is full of easy tips on boosting energy, delegating and letting go of perfectionism. Long-running, This is Your Life is sure to have a topic or an episode in its archives that can help you cope with whatever challenge you might be facing.

Tribe of Mentors

Tim Ferris interviews interesting and successful people about their careers and mentors, keeping all the information contained in podcasts that last no more than a half an hour.

Being Boss With Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Take charge of your career and your life with the practical advice in this podcast. Whether you’re striving to be a leader at your company or seeking a way to make your side gig your full-time pursuit, there’s lots of useful wisdom here.

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