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Use These Tools to Knock Your Next Business Presentation Out of the Park

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By Townes Haas   |    April 28, 2020   |    12:32 PM

5 Alternatives to Boring PowerPoint Presentations

There’s no reason to deliver a stuffy PowerPoint slide deck ever again, because there are tons of online tools that will help you deliver an engaging and informative presentation. 

Whether you’re trying to prepare the perfect pitch for investors, land a new client or conduct an important internal meeting, consider using one (or more) of these five presentation tools that Intelligent Office (IO) members depend on every day.

1. Prezi 

Anyone who can’t stand PowerPoint presentations should check out Prezi, an incredibly visual and interactive tool. While slide decks are static and strictly ordered, this tool’s approach is meant to be collaborative and dynamic.

Prezi allows you to hold an interactive and conversational presentation, and according to their site, “research identifies collaborating with prospects as one of the top ways to win a sales pitch.” These presentations are like a map, and you can choose which roads to take depending on what your audience wants to hear.

2. SlideDog

SlideDog is perfect for anyone who wants to present different types of files, including PDFs, video clips, websites, Prezi presentations and more. The result is an “innovative, seamless viewing and audience interaction experience.”

The major downside of SlideDog is its incompatibility with Mac and Linux operating systems. But if you have Windows 7 or later, bookmark this tool for future use.

3. Google Slides

If you already use Google’s G Suite products, you have access to Slides via Google Drive. This tool is very similar to PowerPoint, so it’s easy to make a text-heavy presentation that makes your audience want to tune out. However, it also has several advantages:

  • You can easily share presentations with others and collaborate in real-time. 
  • It’s a free tool that’s readily available.
  • It’s straightforward and very easy to use. If you’re already comfortable with PowerPoint, there won’t be too much of a learning curve.

4. HaikuDeck

Most traditional presentations tend to be monotonous and ineffective. Visually-charged presentations with eye-catching aesthetics are much better at grabbing people’s attention, and that’s exactly what HaikuDeck delivers. Users can access different fonts, layout templates, filters and stunning graphics to create a presentation that looks like the work of a graphic designer.

The tool works on the web, on iPhones and on iPads. You can make one presentation for free, then plans start at $9.99 per month.

5. CustomShow

This tool is ideal for B2B sales and marketing teams. According to CustomShow’s website, their solution “helps sales teams very rapidly personalize presentations based on client’s needs, deliver rich media experience in-person or remotely and track their purchasing intent.”

If sales is a major focus in your business, having access to a presentation tool that tracks engagement and conversion data is a dream come true. You’ll be able to see what content works, what doesn’t and make more sales as a result. Pricing isn’t listed on CustomShow’s website, so you’ll need to request a demo of this powerful software.

To create your best business presentations, test new tools

These five tools provide an opportunity for small business owners like you to deliver a unique and impactful presentation. People might tune out for a standard slide deck full of bulleted text, but learning how to use these new tools will give you a competitive advantage over other presenters.

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