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How Improving Your Work-Life Balance Can Improve Your Business

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By Garrett Spence   |    May 30, 2017   |    11:32 AM


How Better Work-Life Balance Fuels Productivity

Lack of work-life balance is a pervasive issue for entrepreneurs. Here's how improving the balance of work, rest and play can actually help you achieve your business goals. 

The Importance of Balance

When it comes to effectively balancing work with life, the stakes can be incredibly high. According to a study out of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, people who work at demanding, high-stress jobs are more likely to die young compared to those who have more control and balance in their work. 

While control isn't typically an issue for the average entrepreneur, balance can be. Many independent business people begin their startups spurred by the belief that they will have more freedom, more time and more flexibility. Unfortunately, many soon find themselves working 50 to 60 hours per week. Before they know it, these professionals have sacrificed their families, their health and their happiness in a desperate pursuit for success.

Achieving Greater Harmony 

Although hard work is essential for success, it is possible for hard-charging entrepreneurs to cultivate a better work-life balance without losing their competitive edge. This is generally best achieved using one or more of the following strategies: 

  • Establish your priorities. Instead of simply reacting to emergencies, make deliberate choices about which opportunities you should pursue and which you can decline.

  • Build downtime into your weekly schedule. Whether it's exercise, reading, games or family time, you should treat downtime as an essential tool for sustaining mental and emotional strength.

  • Take a timeout. Studies have shown that daily meditation can actually build gray matter in the brain. Other research has linked meditation to improved focus and greater productivity.

  • Delegate. As an entrepreneur, you have unique talents that are best used on important tasks. If you spend a lot of time on daily operational tasks, consider outsourcing these responsibilities to a professional virtual assistant.

  • Unplug when you're not at work. Whether you're enjoying a favorite activity or spending time with your family, it's important to be in the moment. This means putting away your smartphone and refusing to take calls. At the same time, it also means listening, staying mindful of the moment and engaging in the present. If you are constantly checking emails or ruminating over work, you aren't likely to benefit from the break. You may also experience increased stress related to family discord. 

Living a Successful Life

Obviously, it takes a lot of time and work to build a profitable business. That said, it’s not hard to see that hectic, stressful schedules do not create ideal conditions for success. By creating a healthier work-life balance, you can boost your energy and create a more positive outlook. Not only will this improve your mental well-being, it can help power your productivity and streamline your days. 

Intelligent Office offers innovative business solutions for busy entrepreneurs. Contact our office to learn how our highly trained virtual assistants can help you meet your unique business challenges.

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