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Unique Business Cards: Can They Help Your Brand Stand Out?

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By Garrett Spence   |    May 23, 2016   |    9:28 AM

Learn Why a Creative, Eye-Catching Business Card Equals Brand Success

Your business cards are an integral part of your overall branding and a powerful marketing tool. But, you need to make sure that your business cards are memorable, lest they end up in the back of a desk drawer, forgotten forever.

A business card with a unique design can showcase your brand’s creativity, making you and your business more memorable in the process. Here’s why, and how, breaking the mold with your business cards can be a profit-building move.

Unique business cards are particularly useful at large networking events

Think about the last conference or networking event that you attended. How many business cards did you receive, and how many of them were memorable? Think back to the cards and people that you remember and there’s a chance that a unique or eye-catching design aided your memory.

You want prospective customers, business partners, and other professional contacts to remember you and your business. This is particularly important during big events, where everyone is receiving plenty of business cards that all look alike. Your unique card could cause that important contact to get in touch that much faster.

Memorable business cards will be requested

Think back to our last example of a big networking event and consider this scenario: You hand a new contact your unique business card, then another attendee sees the design and is completely wowed. They ask for one of your cards because they can’t wait to show their coworkers. Congratulations, you’ve instantly earned the attention of even more people.

It’s not just bystanders that will do this, either. If your cards are different there’s a good chance that each person you hand one to will want to take an extra card or two to show someone else. This sort of free advertising and word of mouth can be invaluable.

Creative business cards compliment your other branding efforts

You know all about the importance of creating a strong brand identity, and creative business cards can play into those same goals very, very nicely. If you want to acquire loyal customers who buy your goods or services for years to come a strong sense of branding is imperative.

Spend some time thinking about your overall brand strategy and then brainstorm business card ideas that fit into that theme. For example, Broke Bike Alley’s business cards are a useful multi-tool that customers can use to help them with their bike maintenance (be sure to click on that link for even more creative business card ideas.) With a “card” like that, you know the business will be piquing the interest of consumers.

How to create a unique business card

Now you’re probably wondering exactly how to come up with your next great business card idea and layout.

First, grab all of the business cards you have handy and spread them out while closing your eyes. Open your eyes and see which cards stand out — what colors are they? Do they use images? Are they vertical or horizontal? Do they use interesting materials, like rubber or metal? Are your favorite cards useful in some way, like the bike multitool example?

Write these characteristics down, and use your list to guide your business card design process. Before you know it, you’ll have a unique business card that effortlessly amplifies your marketing efforts.

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