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Internet Upgrade in Tysons, Reston, and Arlington Intelligent Offices

By Christina Buff   |    July 30, 2015   |    5:01 PM

Intelligent office members in the Tysons, Reston, and Arlington areas are in for an extreme Internet upgrade. 100mbps dedicated symmetrical fiber Internet is now available! With the upgrade, Internet speed, efficiency, reliability, and overall capabilities will improve drastically.

Gone are the days of slow and unreliable Internet connection. Intelligent Office’s upgraded Internet will increase productivity and pace, along with general workplace morale.

What is 100mbps dedicated symmetrical fiber Internet?

At 100mbps high-speed data transfer, the upgraded Internet is designed to support larger numbers of simultaneous users where access to the Internet is mission critical. Unlike broadband, which is shared bandwidth; a dedicated fiber circuit comes from the ISP backbone directly into Intelligent Office locations. Since the bandwidth is no longer being shared with other users, reliability is enhanced and speeds are much more consistent. Symmetrical Internet refers to identical connection and speed for downloading and uploading information (100/100mbps). This ensures better video quality, smoother Skype sessions, and faster file uploading, among other things. Cooper transport is the most common way to deliver Internet. Telephone lines or cable connections are less reliable and not as scalable as fiber based Internet. While fiber may be more expensive, its advantages for businesses and first-class service make it the medium of choice for Intelligent Office. 100mbps dedicated symmetrical fiber Internet will be an extremely beneficial upgrade for Intelligent Office workers.

To learn more about the new Internet upgrade or to rent office space in our Tysons, Reston, or Arlington locations, call Intelligent Office today.