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What Pricing Strategies Should Your Small Business Pursue?

Determining how to price a product or service is one of the toughest decisions for any startup. The implications of this decision are massive and will ultimately define a company's brand, funding requirements and long-term viability. To form an effective plan, entrepreneurs need to understand their markets, their customers and the basic pricing strategies used by most successful businesses.

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Top 6 Project Management Systems for Startups

There's never been a better time to start your own company, thanks to a bevy of project management systems that help reduce costs. Unfortunately, overabundant options can lead busy entrepreneurs down the wrong rabbit holes. To make sure your new business runs seamlessly, learn how to identify the right management tools.

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Pros and Cons of Out of Home Advertising for Small Business

One of the fastest growing media segments, out of home advertising (OOH) focuses on connecting with people while they are "on the go" in public places. This includes people who are in transit, gathered in public places or waiting for buses, planes and appointments. While they do pay big dividends in certain situations, OOH campaigns are not always appropriate for every business.

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Why Every Accountant Could Use a Virtual Assistant

Accountants spend endless hours looking for ways to save money for their clients. Unfortunately, many fail to recognize some effective ways to cut their own operational costs. By allowing accounting entrepreneurs to offload critical tasks, a virtual assistant can drastically increase productivity and allow professionals to focus on the things that matter most.

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Business Expansion: Can Your Business Grow Too Big Too Fast?

It may sound like a good problem to have, but rapid growth can actually capsize a business just as quickly as stagnation. However appealing it may seem, unchecked business expansion is often accompanied by specific liabilities and potential dangers.

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Cloud Storage Tips for Small Business

Throughout the country, countless businesses face data challenges related to sharing, security, storage and redundancies. Unfortunately, too many are held back by razor-thin budgets and what they perceive as narrow options. With cloud storage, both large and small businesses enjoy practical, cost-effect solutions for data storage and seamless sharing.

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14 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help Freelancers Stay Organized

Being a freelancer can keep your schedule packed 24/7. But, regardless of your industry, a virtual assistant (VA) can help you manage all areas of your workload, so that you stay productive and organized.

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Client Management: 6 Signs You Should Fire a Client

As a consultant or freelancer, it may seem like a bad idea to willingly let go of any business. But, it’s not always a bad idea.

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Angie's List Removed Its Paywall: What Does This Mean For Your Business?

In the past, if someone wanted access to the reviews on Angie’s List, a $40 yearly fee was required. However, the business changed its entire model in early 2016.

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Staff Management Tips: Which Employees Should You Promote?

Promoting employees from within can be a huge morale boost and motivator, but these positions should not just be given away.

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Should Small Business Use Snapchat Advertising?

It really depends on the nature of your small business and the demographics of your customers. This social platform fills a very specific niche within the social media market, so the more you can learn about it, the better you can assess its benefits to your small business.

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A Quick Guide to Managing Employee Payroll and Benefits

Managing payroll for a small business is no easy task: there can be a lot of paperwork and your employees could become frustrated if this important part of their jobs isn't handled properly. Follow these steps to help you manage your staff payroll and benefits.

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Should Your Company Have Its Own Mobile App?

With most consumers having access to a smartphone or tablet, many interact with brands they love via a personalized mobile app. But is a mobile app the right fit for every business? Before you rush into investing in the time, resources and expertise that a mobile app requires, first investigate the pros and cons that you need to know as a small business owner. First, it’s true that mobile use is expanding across almost every demographic, and at the core of the mobile revolution is the app, but you have to realize that app development is totally different depending on what platform your audience is using. That means that before you go crazy developing an app, you need to know where the majority of your customers live. Are your small business customers sophisticated technology workers who are all armed with their trusty iPhone? Are they affluent consumers who are always on the best and newest device? Or are your customers working joes buying their lunches and birthday presents on mid-range Android devices or other platforms?

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How to Identify and Dispel Your Work Demotivators

Motivation is a central factor in producing the creativity, work ethic and drive required to be an entrepreneur. Motivation is what causes entrepreneurs to strike out on their own in the first place, because they feel instinctively that the business they want to create is the right thing. But there are also many different factors that can kick entrepreneurs off-course and cause them to lose that motivation.

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Can Pokémon Go Increase Traffic to Your Small Business?

Even if you don’t know the difference between a Jigglypuff and a Charmander, you’ve likely heard all about Pokémon Go by now. You’ve seen people walking down the sidewalk and through parks, noses buried deep in their phones as they try to catch Pokémon.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Find Work-Life Balance

Most entrepreneurs love their careers. Running their own businesses gives them the freedom to choose what they work on and how they achieve their goals. They often work harder, longer and more hours than traditional employees. But it's hard for entrepreneurs to find a break in their schedules. But every healthy person should have a work life balance. Some say that achieving work-life balance is impossible but only you can find out your own answers. Here are some things to think about.

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Five Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Make You More Efficient

When you and your staff are free to delegate tasks, you can spend more time on more important projects that help support and further your small business. A virtual assistant is the perfect way to offload some tasks and allow for more efficient work from your staff.

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