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Adjacent to Albert V. Bryan Courthouse – aka “The Rocket Docket” by Akira Keller

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By Matthew Whitaker   |    July 16, 2014   |    11:38 AM

Fondly referred to as the “Rocket Docket,” the Eastern District of Virginia Court has built a reputation as the surefire way to expedite a ruling, making it a popular initial step for plaintiffs. Plaintiffs have the advantage of knowing the litigation plans, the EDVA does not require a prefiling notice, and since decisions are usually made in less than a year, time is of the essence. Starting the tradition years ago was the judge this courthouse is named after: Albert Vickers Bryan. He set the trends that are still continued in many aspects of the courthouse today; the architecture focuses on pointed accuracy, there’s an understanding of no-nonsense manageability, and tight security is in place discouraging anything that might so much as set off a scanner. My favorite part of the courthouse though is their ability to balance the succinctness of efficiency with the cordialness of a truly effective system; it seems that when things are running smoothly people are more pleasant, and the employees at the courthouse are easy to work with.

For nearly the past forty years the Court has taken on some of the most important cases, many of which have to deal in international law and, because the Patent and Trademark Office is in its jurisdiction (located only one block away), intellectual property. Patent law cases are resolved in an average of less than eight months, placing them first out of all 94 District Courts in civil litigation time. Although patents may be one of their specialties, they don’t waste time in other case matters either. Besides the speed of proceedings, the Rocket Docket has also gained prestige through some of the cases it’s handled. Bryan Sr. was the one who paved the way for the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision with his ruling for racial integration in schools, and his son, Albert V. Bryan Jr. (also a federal judge) was notorious for making rulings as soon as arguments had concluded. Zacarias Moussaoui, suspected of Al-Qaida involvement was tried and indicted on terrorist charges in correlation with the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. Recently of note eleven men were tried and sentenced in relation to the Somali Pirate hostage situation; the first sentences were served on August 22, 2011, a mere seven months after the events occurred. Through all of these difficult sentences, the justice system has remained intact and been embodied by the fairness of the Eastern District Court.

Needing to try a case in a court such as this can be intimidating, but there are ways around the stresses. One of the top ways to increase manageability, especially in this area, is by cutting down on your commute. Traveling from a firm to the courthouse, and then around the area without having a home base can be nerve-wracking and distract you from the litigation you need to attend to. Our office is a mere three minute walk from the courthouse, and the easy accessibility give you as much control over the litigation process as possible. With space ranging from small offices to large conference rooms available by the day, week or month, we can help with hectic schedules and the pressure of needing immediate action. Following the standards set by the courthouse, we also are able to keep your things secure, under lock and key for as long as you need. If you have a case coming up at the Rocket Docket give us a call, stop in for a visit, and get going!

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