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Virtual Office Solutions for Seasonal Businesses

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By Billy McCall   |    October 18, 2018   |    6:40 PM

The traditional business operates out of one location, where all decisions are made and all actions are directed. But of course, not all businesses are traditional, and many require a different operational model. These non-traditional businesses are finding non-traditional solutions to their challenges, including virtual office services that allow them to operate and succeed no matter the circumstances. Let’s take a closer look at how businesses are using virtual offices not only for practical purposes but also as a strategic advantage.  

Help when your business need it. Some businesses are strictly seasonal, which means they take in the majority of their revenue during one or two seasons throughout the year. These businesses include landscaping, snow removal, roofing, recreational, and tax professionals, among others. As business ramps up or down depending on the season, these businesses have different needs than traditional year-round businesses. Seasonal businesses are starting to turn to virtual office services as an efficient solution for these specific needs.

During busy seasons, seasonal businesses require more administrative help as more calls need to be answered, more appointments scheduled, and more sales to be made. Virtual assistant services provide all of this added administrative help on an on-demand basis. That means business owners don’t have to worry about hiring full-time employees or extra help, saving them time and money in the process.

Get to know your new business location. The ideal scenario for nearly every business is experiencing enough success to expand their services into new areas. But expansion is complicated and expensive. One way that businesses are overcoming these challenges is through the use of virtual offices.

A virtual office space gives business owners or employees the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new territory before committing to a specific location. Many business owners find that virtual office space is ultimately their best option for a new location. The rising rates and long-term commitments of commercial real estate make it increasingly difficult for developing businesses to get their foot in the door in favorable locations. A virtual office space gives businesses a prime location at an affordable price.

Go where your business needs to go. In this day and age, connecting with prospects outside of your traditional service area is a common practice. Businesses need the flexibility to meet with these prospects no matter where their business is headquartered. A network of virtual office locations provides the infrastructure for these businesses to thrive no matter where their business takes them.

In addition to new business opportunities, having access to multiple office locations is convenient for industry conferences, working on the road, and any other time office space is needed while on the road.

Establish your brand in new locations. Developing businesses are always looking for ways to make a splash. Having a business address in multiple cities is one way to boost a business’s image. A virtual address gives developing businesses the chance to expand their networks and establish credibility for prospects and competition. Not only can you establish your brand in cities across the country, you can establish your brand in the most desirable neighborhoods in those cities.

Virtual office spaces often are thought of in terms of their practical uses – rooms and equipment to satisfy basic office needs. But for businesses that need custom solutions for their non-traditional needs, virtual office services, including Intelligent Office, provide a distinct strategic advantage.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
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