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Oct 29 2015

Attorneys: For Solo Practitioners and Small Firms Sometimes the Best Office is No Office

Solo and small firm attorneys are often looking to keep their overhead down. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by working from primarily from home and utilizing the services and benefits of a virtual office facility. Virtual offices afford attorneys the ability to work from anywhere they choose, while enabling them to establish a professional presence and a place to meet clients in a conveniently-accessible office atmosphere on an as needed basis. The virtual office also serves as their professional address that can be marketed and a place where they can receive their professional mail and have clients drop off and pick-up documents or payments.

Virtual Office facilities are located in most Tennessee cities, primarily in the major commercial business districts.Many of the national and regional virtual office companies allow their members to utilize their facilities in other parts of the city, state or country on as needed basis.A virtual office membership can be usually be established for less than $75 a month.

Virtual Office vs. Shared Office Arrangements

A virtual office is different from an office sharing arrangement.Most virtual office facilities provide mailbox/address services and on-demand office space to businesses.Unlike a shared office facility or an executive suite, offices and conference rooms are rented by the hour, half-day, or by the day; as opposed to monthly or annually.The attorney does not have a dedicated office or the fixed cost of one.This is a cost-effective option if you only meet with clients in person or need a conference room a few times a month.

The “per use” or “pay as you go” model of virtual office facilities is attractive because you only pay for office space when you are actually using it.If the attorney only uses the virtual office when she is billing time or charging a fee, then the hourly rental cost or office use bundle easily pays for itself.Even if a shared or single rental office only costs a few hundred dollars a month, it still may not pay for itself every month, because you are paying for it every hour of everyday during the term of the lease.Finally, many virtual office facilities have administrative staff and other technological resources designed to support small business and mobile professionals.

Virtual Office vs. Traditional Full-time Office Lease

For most solo practitioners, working from home and utilizing a virtual office is a better choice than entering into commercial office lease. Most landlords require a 5 year commitment.Most virtual office facilities require a commitment of less than a year; thereby providing the practice with more flexibility.

The financial investment and commitment involved in a traditional office far exceeds the lease.Utilities, office equipment, furniture, phone service, and internet service are just a few expenses that one has to incur in establishing a traditional office outside of their home. Working primarily at home and strategically using a virtual office, allows one to avoid duplicating or eliminate these expenses.

Professional image and marketing

Many attorneys worry that not having a full-time office will compromise their image and be unattractive to client.In addition to the ethical concerns, most clients prefer to meet with a lawyer in a private office or conference room in a professional environment.Most attorneys prefer not to have clients meet at their personal home.The virtual office meets the needs of both the clients and attorneys.

Furthermore, a virtual office can enhance your personal image by allowing you to establish a professional presence in a prestigious location downtown or in upscale suburban office complex near attractive amenities without paying pricy rent in these areas. While most lawyers are not required to have an office near the courthouse or in a particular neighborhood, certain addresses or areas may be more appealing to certain prospective and current clients Many firms have used virtual offices to open a branch office in other Ohio cities, before making a full investment in brick and mortar.Others attorneys have utilized virtual offices to have multiple offices throughout the same city for meeting and marketing purposes.Virtual office can provide a place where a key employee who has moved to a different city or state can occasionally work or conduct meetings.Depending on the location of the facility, the virtual address can also increase your law practice’s search engine ranking for those searching for lawyers online.

Many virtual office facilities are staffed, thereby allowing the practice to have a full-time front desk without a full-time office.Attorneys can have their clients drop off documents and payments to a reliable and professional person.When clients visit the office, clients are greeted and offered refreshments, giving the same professional feel as a larger firm.

Most importantly, the attorney who minimizes his or her expenses by utilizing a virtual office can devote more resources towards other marketing and technological solutions to maintain and grow their practices.Many attorneys utilizing virtual office have asserted that many clients actually admire that their fees are not being invested in fancy office and furniture.

In sum, many solo practitioners and small firms have found that virtual office combined with a home office can be a cost-effective way to reduce overhead expenses while maintaining a professional presence.Recently, some large law firms have even begun utilizing these virtual office facilities.[i] This trend will continue to grow as more attorneys and firms discover this cost-effective way of having an office for their practice.


Oct 8 2015

Intelligent Office Grand Opening

Our Grand Opening event was a great success! On October 8th, we invited everyone in our community to join us for networking, local food and drinks!

Catering was provided by the Loveless Cafe, who did an amazing job. Guests enjoyed sampling Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, a local whiskey product. While enduing in local food and drinks, our guests enjoyed the live music provided by Justin Hudson.

After our touring our guests through our office, we proceeded to the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Aug 18 2015

Intelligent Office signs lease in UBS Tower

  • The newest tenant in downtown Nashville's second-biggest office tower is a company that provides administrative and staff support for white-collar companies. Intelligent Office has leased 5,000 square feet in downtown's UBS Tower. Within that space, the company plans to offer business suites and conference rooms for lease, as well as services that include receptionists and receiving mail and deliveries. Intelligent Office tailors its offerings to small businesses, independent contractors, mobile executives and professional services firms. The company is headquartered in Denver and has almost 60 franchises in North America. The new Nashville outpost adds to the number of companies in the city offering this kind of flexible office space.
  • May 27 2015

    Intelligent Office Announces New Nashville Location

    Intelligent Office Announces New Location in Nashville, Tennessee

    Intelligent Office Provides First-Of-Its-Kind Office Solutions to Nashville Business Community

    Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 27, 2015

    Intelligent Office, a virtual and executive office facility providing administrative and staffing services for mobile executives, small businesses, professional services firms, and independent contractors, has announced it has signed a lease on a new location in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Nashville’s economy ranks as one of the fastest growing in the country, joining other booming cities like Austin and San Jose, according to a report on metro economies released at the United States Conference of Mayors last year.* The thriving economy in the city is also contributing to enormous demand of Class A office space for small businesses and professionals.

    “The combination of a growing economy and high demand for office space, makes Nashville an ideal location for our virtual office solutions,” said Michael Hemmelgarn, Intelligent Office, Nashville. “Our prestigious and easily accessible downtown location and our unique administrative services enable everyone from a mobile executive to a small business to work anywhere and to do so professionally filling an unmet need in the local community.”

    Hendersonville resident Michael Hemmelgarn and his family were able to take advantage of the VetFran program that provides access and opportunities in franchising to veterans. The new office space will be located in 5,000 square feet of the UBS Tower at 315 Deaderick Street. Intelligent Office’s remote receptionists and Intelligent Assistants will be available as soon as June 1, 2015. Business suites, virtual offices, and shared conference rooms will be available late July. For more information, call 615-928-1900 or visit

    About Intelligent Office
    Intelligent Office is the leading virtual, professionally staffed office space for mobile executives and small businesses in North America. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and has nearly 60 franchises across the United States and Canada. Intelligent Office helps clients grow their businesses and work smarter by combining professional staffing with the physical and technological infrastructure of a traditional office. For more information on services, go to For information on domestic and international franchise opportunities, visit

    *The Tennessean, 6/20/14:

    Mar 26 2015

    $60 Million Upgrade Fueling a Leasing Surge at UBS Tower

    Downtown Nashville's second-largest skyscraper was 85 percent empty whenGabe Coltea and his business partner purchased the office tower. One-time anchor tenant Regions Bank had just departed for another downtown tower.

    A year-and-a-half later, UBS Tower is two-thirds full, compared with just 15 percent occupancy when Coltea's Nashville-based real estate company, Rubicon Equities, took ownership. That's an addition of about 300,000 square feet of leases, headlined by rapidly growing offices for UBS and an influx of employees from two state agencies.

    Rubicon Equities is pumping more than $60 million into the 40-year-old tower. The investment is quadruple the $14.5 million price Rubicon Equities paid to buy the tower out of foreclosure.

    "It wasn't necessarily about the price. It was about acquiring an irreplaceable asset in a strategic location," Coltea told me in an interview downtown.

    "UBS Tower used to be one of the most prominent buildings downtown. We're returning the tower to prominence in the Nashville skyline," Coltea said.

    UBS Tower contains about 600,000 square feet, second only to the city's iconic AT&T tower, which is known as the Batman Building for its twin spires.

    Rubicon Equities is indicative of the type of newer investor enticed by Nashville's surging growth, both in jobs and population, especially in the city's urban core. UBS Tower marked Coltea's entry into the Nashville market; he most recently worked for real estate investment firms in New York City.

    Coltea has shown a desire to grow Rubicon Equities. The company led one of five groups that vied for the exclusive rights to redevelop the city's original convention center site. Metro government chose a team led by longtime local developer Pat Emery, a decision made at the end of 2013.

    Coltea, 41, said he sees potential to replicate what he's doing with UBS Tower, reinvigorating an existing building. Coltea also said he is scouting potential development deals as well.

    "We are geared for both," Coltea said. "I am still very bullish on Nashville."

    Last week, Coltea kicked off the retail piece of the UBS Tower's renovations with a splash, announcing that Jeff Ruby will open one of his high-end steakhouses in the tower. Coltea said the addition of the steakhouse shows the type of tenants he's striving to attract.

    Coltea said he expects to recruit another one or two restaurants, among other retail options he is exploring.

    Every window on the 28-story tower is being replaced, a switch from single-pane to double-pane (workers have completed seven floors thus far). All 15 elevators are receiving upgrades; the same goes for the tower's lobby.

    The tower's Deaderick Street plaza is being redone, and similar work is about to begin on the Union Street and Third Avenue North entries to the tower. Part of the Third Avenue work will include creating a semicircle road allowing for valet drop-off and pick-up, both for the tower's tenants and for restaurant patrons.

    All the work should be finished within the next nine to 12 months, Coltea said.

    UBS Tower used to be the rare case of a Nashville office building with big chunks of available space — something of a size enabling the expansion or relocation of businesses, such as the arrival of UBS.

    Now, those big blocs of space are accounted for, Coltea said. It's a sign of progress for the tower, leaving available roughly 200,000 square feet, in various office sizes. Leasing of the building changed as of last fall; brokers Janet Sterchi andDoug Ryan joined Colliers International, bringing with them this listing, which they had at their prior firm, CBRE Inc.

    "The fundamentals of this asset, and this market, are strong and will become even stronger," Coltea said, noting the continued reinvestment going on all over downtown Nashville. "Now, you have the majority of a generation saying they want to be in a dense, walkable urban environment. It was only 20 years ago that the sidewalks downtown rolled up at 5 p.m."

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