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8 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner Should Use Google Accounts

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By Townes Haas   |    February 20, 2014   |    5:11 PM

Google isn’t just for searching anymore, and the company has created a bundle of services that make running a business easier, faster, and cheaper. Google Apps for Business is Google’s comprehensive paid solution to help businesses work more efficiently, but even the freebies Google offers can make daily tasks simpler. 

1. Google offers plenty of storage for emails and other documents
There’s no need to worry about deleting old emails – Google provides 15 GB of storage between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos. And that’s just for a free account. Google Apps for Business provides 30 GB of storage for each email address that’s registered.

2. Create professional-looking documents with cloud-based apps
All the storage in the universe isn’t helpful if there’s nothing worth saving. But, with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides it’s incredibly easy to create text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that look like they were created using Microsoft Office.

3. Access files anytime, anywhere with Google Drive
Because Google Drive is a cloud-based file sharing solution, those professional-looking documents that were created can be accessed from anywhere, making collaboration amongst team members, vendors, and clients a breeze. It’s the easiest, most efficient way to store and share files.

4. Effortlessly find anything with Gmail’s search feature
It’s no surprise that the Internet search behemoth has an excellent search feature integrated into its email service. Not only are emails easy to find with a few search terms, but Gmail’s labeling and folder features make organizing emails a snap.

5. Gmail’s calendar makes scheduling a breeze
Gmail’s calendar grants business owners no-fuss scheduling, even between multiple people. Use the calendar to find meeting times that work for everyone, while scheduling reminders and sharing individual calendars.

6. Google Hangouts give meetings a personal touch
Once a meeting time has been set, use Google Hangouts to connect with team members and clients across the globe. With Hangouts it’s easy to have a video or voice conversation with up to 15 other people.

7. Google is entirely Internet based, so no more annoying software updates
Everyone hates the persistent “Software Update Required” pop-ups that demand the user shut down a program, or even restart their computer. With Google’s services, that’s never going to be an issue. There’s no software to install or update. It just works.

8. Google Apps for Business is Affordable
Sure, there are loads of free features that could very well satisfy the needs of most businesses. But for the entrepreneur or small business owner who wants extra storage, custom email addresses for their company’s domain, and more, it’s a mere $5 per user per month. Not too bad.

Google seamlessly integrates email, scheduling, document creation, and collaboration with its cloud-based cluster of services. Plus, Google takes security seriously, and if something does go wrong, 24/7 customer support is available. The easy-to-use applications are deceivingly potent, letting business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their businesses, not their software tools.

Download The Intelligent Office APP

Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android

Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
Download The Intelligent Office APP