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Virtual Office FAQ

1. What is a Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office concept refers to providing office services specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s remote worker. A growing percentage of today’s workforce do not have a full-time office as they are frequently travelling, meeting clients or simply working from home. And they don't want to pay for an office they don't use? The virtual office concept was designed specifically for this group by providing services such as (i) providing a professional business address to help improve a company's image; (ii) access to fully equipped offices and meeting rooms on an as-needed basis, (iii) customized phone reception service with phones answered in their company name and calls handled exactly the way they want, and (iv) administrative services such as appointment taking, scheduling, word processing and more.  

2. Why Should I Use a Virtual Office?

Virtual office services allow business owners to focus on growing sales and other important aspects of their business and at the same time have someone worry about the administrative matters. The virtual office is a low risk and cost effective way to establish a corporate presence and can eliminate the need to rent your own office space or to hire additional personnel.

3. What are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?

It projects professionalism. What do your prospective customers find when they Google your business? Your home address? A PO Box? Using a home address may be acceptable when you first start up however it may not work as well as your business grows and you pitch larger clients and bigger contracts. Having a prestigious downtown business address for your website and business cards will help give prospective customers the comfort they are looking for.

It saves you time. One advantage of using our business address is that you have your mail and courier packages sent to this address - there is no more waiting around for a FedEx package to arrive.  We are at the office so you don't have to be. Our receptionists can also look after your scheduling and take care of other administrative matters as needed.

It lowers overhead costs and reduces business risk. The two largest expenses for small businesses are rent and personnel. Virtual offices can help significantly reduce both. A traditional office requires rental of space, the purchase of furniture& fixtures and setting up phones, internet service and building maintenance. It’s expensive and takes up significant time both upfront and on an ongoing basis.  Furthermore upfront expenditures, long term lease commitments and hiring new personnel significantly increase the company's business risk. 

4. What do I Get with Your Mail/Business Address Package?

Using our address as your official business address has several advantages.  First it's the address your customers find when they Google your business and see on your business cards. We will handle all your mail services including receipt of mail and courier packages as well as be a drop off location between you and your clients.  More importantly it keeps your personal information confidential from your customers and suppliers as they no longer have access to your home location.  

5. Why Should I Hire a Virtual Receptionist?

Sometimes you are not able to answer your phone – you are in a meeting, working to meet a deadline or on vacation – and the caller doesn't want to leave a voicemail. Missed calls can be a missed opportunity. Our receptionists will ensure you never miss another call.  We can also serve as backup for an existing receptionist by having phones forwarded to us to cover for breaks, lunch, vacation or sickness.  

What is the cost of a missed call? At some point hiring a receptionist becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity in order for a small business to maximize its productivity

6. How is our Virtual Receptionist service different from a Call Centre? 

Our goal when answering your phones is to make it seem like we are your receptionist, like we are an extension of your business. We want to know about your business, what it does and how it operates so that we can assist your callers and get them the results they expect - for example when a caller asks what does your business does do you really want your receptionist to say I'm sorry I'm just the receptionist let me transfer your call? During our orientation period we go through your procedures to ensure we understand these basic questions about your business and handle callers in the manner you expect.  After all we are commonly the first point of contact between you and that potential new client.

7. Do you Have Offices and Meeting Rooms Available for Rent?

Our private offices allow you to work alone or hold meetings for up to three people. Offices are equipped with phone, high speed internet and have access to our high speed printer. Our conference rooms can accommodate between 6 and 14 people. They are equipped with TVs to connect to laptops, whiteboards and have video conferencing capability. High speed internet is included. A key feature for our members is that tour members have 24/7 access to offices and conference rooms so they can meet their clients as necessary.

8. What Businesses Use Virtual Offices?

Virtual offices meet the needs of almost any business looking to minimize it's overhead and business risk.  It's also a low risk alternative to establishing a satellite office in a new location.

9. What is the Cost of a Virtual Office?

Our virtual office packages are specifically designed to meet your needs. The cost varies as you only pay for the services you use. Please contact us for more information so we can put together a package specifically designed for you.

10. What if I Need a Full-time Office?

We also have full-time executive offices for rent. Our offices are fully furnished, include high speed internet, desk phone, receptionist services, private mailbox and lobby listing at building reception. Please contact us for details.

11. Where are We Located?

We are located in the Tour KPMG building in downtown Montreal on the corner of de Maisonneuve and University. We are directly above the McGill metro station.  Parking is available within the building and on surrounding streets.

Please contact us to arrange for a tour of our facility or complete our Request Information Form to see how we can assist your business.

Paul Smeeton
Manager, Montreal