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Video Tutorial: Virtual Receptionist

Meet Bonny. She is a busy massage therapist who has a personal life too. As a small business owner, she struggles just like you with balancing work, life, kids, and growing her business.

Bonnie knows that the two most important things to her business (and any business for that matter) is customer service – keeping your clients happy – and working hard to attract and retain every lead that comes in the door in order to grow sales. But Bonnie has appointments – lots of them. Answering phones is a constant inconvenience for her (and sometimes impossible), but critical to her business' success. She has the same problem faced by almost every small business owner – being in two places at once.

We know you can't be in two places at once. And we know we can't do what you do best. But we do know that we can help you succeed by taking away the omnipresent worry of making sure you don't miss that next important phone call. See how Intelligent Office's Live Answer service helps Bonnie's business grow and success.

 Meet Bonnie Virtual Receptionist Video Tutorial

We know answeing the phone seems like such a simple concept, but in reality executing it day-in and day-out with second-to-none professionalism and consistency is difficult and takes effort. Fortunately, we do it very well. That is why our clients join us. And that is why they stay with us. We help our clients grow their business, every day of the year! Call us today to see how we can help your business succeed too, just like Bonnie.

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“I look forward to helping your business grow and prosper while improving your work-life balance.”

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