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Why a Virtual Office is the Perfect Fit for Consultants

Consultants are a rare breed. They choose to eschew the stability and financial rewards of a day job in order to bring their unique perspectives and leadership abilities to many clients, sometimes all over the globe. But today’s consultant isn’t usually part of a large firm operating out of a traditional office. One can find consultants whose offices are really in coffee shops, co-working spaces, or other non-traditional office spaces. They need to be on a plane to where the client needs them to be at a moment’s notice—without worrying about how to pay the rent on traditional office space lying unused at the moment. This is why virtual offices are the perfect solution for today’s modern consultants.

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Completing a Successful Rebrand

How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business

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5 Business Books That Will Change the Way You Think

Some of the Best Business Strategy Books for Entrepreneurs

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Top Seven Areas to Save Money in Small Business

What is the biggest drain of cash from your business? Usually most costs in small business are easy to anticipate such as rent, utility bills, payroll and insurance. But other expenses can quickly creep in, and revenue is always a bit of a soft target to hit. Some small business may struggle with late payments from big clients, or be experiencing a higher rate of staff turnover due to seasonal issues. It’s important to stay on top of these issues, so keep thinking of ways to stabilize your business and consider these steps for saving money in your small business.

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Why Virtual Offices Are the Perfect Solution for Non-profits and Charity Organizations

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit and charity-based organizations in the United States. That is a lot of people working hard for less money than they could earn in the private sector, just for trying to create some positive change in the world and help others in need. But it also means that there are at least one million organizations out there in America who are renting offices, paying for telecommunications support and Internet services, and even paying janitors to clean their offices, all when they really don’t need to. The concept of the traditional office is an outdated one. Much of the work of even fairly conservative nonprofits can be accomplished just as easily when nonprofit professionals are working from home, meeting at a central location, or working in the field. In fact, a virtual office may offer a nonprofit or charity organization enough benefits that they can spend more time working in the field with clients and less time at a desk working through the details of infrastructure and intake. Let’s look at some of the ways a nonprofit organization might utilize the features of a virtual office and then examine a rough timeline that demonstrates how a nonprofit might be able to pull the plug on their traditional office model.

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Five Ways to Relieve Entrepreneurial Stress

You may think you’re stressed. We’re all subject to the pressures of the bland tragedy of life. But it’s even worse for time-strapped, overly ambitious, overworked entrepreneurs. Whether it’s creating a slide deck for that big presentation to the venture capitalists, making changes to an already popular product, finding new customers or managing the day-to-day mechanics of running a business, the experience of living the life of an entrepreneur can be maddening.

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Inspiring Internal Innovation

Every organization spends lots of time trying to work on its internal culture in order to get the results desired by management, shareholders, consumers or other constituents. Superior results don’t come from a single enterprise; rather, the best results emerge when business strategy, operational models, technologies and tools are firing on all cylinders in unity with one another.

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Tools to Help with Small Business Accounting

Small business owners need all the help they can get, and accounting solutions can be one of the more complex issues for a small business owner to research and acquire. And let’s face it, running a small business is hard work. Adding onto all your other responsibilities the need to crunch numbers, balance income with expenses, and figuring out how much to pay your employees and how much to pay the U.S. government in taxes can be mind boggling. Fortunately, the right accounting solution can help you as a small business owner get away from all that number crunching and grunt work.

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Customer Service Tips

Every business will involve some level of customer service. How do you avoid nightmare experiences and keep your business in good standing with your customers? Here are 15 customer service tips to help you get ahead and maintain great relationships with your customers, clients and colleagues.

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Everyday Routines for Top Business Leaders

Creating a Daily Routine For Business Success

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Establishing Long Term Goals for Startups

The Art of Setting Long Term Business Goals

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6 Ideas to Help Your Company Engage with the Community

How to Get Your Business Involved with the Local Community

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30 Things You Didn’t Know a Virtual Assistant Could Do

Increase Business Productivity by Outsourcing These Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

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How to Nail Your Pitch Presentation

So you’ve successfully launched your small business—congratulations! It’s been a long, hard road but you have written your business plan, worked out your financial statements and generally have all your ducks in a row. But once you find a little bit of success, you are very likely to find that you need more money to grow the success of your small business. That means that when you are seeking more money for your startup, you will need to pitch your ideas and execution to new investors. Here are some tips for nailing your pitch presentation to venture capitalists (VCs) or other investors.

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5 Reasons Your Social Media Followers Are Not Engaging With Your Brand

So you have successfully launched a small business—congratulations! You’re now an entrepreneur. But perhaps you’ve hit a bump in the road. Despite diligently signing up your business for accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and Yelp, your followers are not only NOT engaging with your company, its products and services, but your feeds are becoming stagnant. Here are five reasons that might give you a clue as to what you might be doing wrong in the strange world of social media.

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Top Five Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

People often think that the most successful entrepreneurs were born that way, imagining that they emerged fully-formed as the men and women who lead industry behemoths to greatness or change the world through their creativity and innovation. But the truth is that people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Richard Branson are mere mortals like the rest of us. The other factor that many potential entrepreneurs forget is that entrepreneurship, just like any other business-related skill, can be taught, learned and nurtured. It’s not always the most ambitious or aggressive individuals that emerge as entrepreneurs, who are indeed a rare breed. It may be the C-student who ends up being a multi-millionaire, and not the captain of the football team.

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When to Use Asset-Based Lending

Struggling to figure out how to finance your small business? Consider trying asset-based lending to get the job done. In simplest terms, asset-based loans are just what they sound like—business loans that are based on the tangible physical assets of your small business. This usually means accounts receivable and inventory but can sometimes include less obvious items, such as company vehicles. It’s a pretty simple proposition, but it is important to understand the advantages, challenges and risks of asset-based loans. You are risking your future revenue in order to gain access to more funds today.

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