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Completing a Successful Rebrand

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By Townes Haas   |    October 30, 2015   |    10:41 AM

How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business

Sometimes, businesses need a refresh of their core branding. You want to keep up with the times and show customers that they’re doing business with an evolving, modern brand. Your industry could be changing, or maybe you need to think of new ways to stand out. Whatever your motives for rebranding, you also don’t want to lose everything you’ve built so far. Here’s how to complete a successful rebrand that you, and your customers, will love.

What is a brand, and do you need a new one?

Before you dive deep into rebranding make sure that you understand what creates a strong brand identity. Branding goes beyond your logo and encompasses your company’s entire identity. What do your customers think when they do business with your company? How do they feel about your products or services? Sentiments like these frame your company just as much as your logo.

Once you understand the importance of branding, you should ask yourself if your company truly needs a rebrand. The first step in rebranding is a thorough assessment of your current brand. You may find that there are pieces of your brand that work really well, while other components need a facelift.

How much will rebranding cost?

Rebranding can be expensive. You’ll likely need new business cards and letterhead, plus a new logo to display. If you use collateral materials in your marketing, will those need to be redone? Are you going to revamp your entire website? Will employee training need to take place to ensure that everyone understands the company’s new identity?

Before committing to a rebranding timeline carefully analyze all of the costs you’re likely to incur during the process. The final dollar amount may be surprising, but making a budget ahead of time will give you a solid idea about what you’re getting into.

Obtain feedback from staff and customers

After you’re committed to the idea of rebranding and you have a budget in mind it’s time to begin talking to the people who make your business work. Begin by speaking with key staff members. Ask them what they want the company to represent and get their feedback about what’s working and isn’t working with your current branding.

Next, seek out customer feedback. What do they think about your products or services? How does your company make them feel? What do they like about your business? What don’t they like about your business? Speaking to these people will help you create a rebranding strategy and timeline, and doing this research will help you gauge how much work there is to be done.

Develop, support, and promote your new brand

Once you’ve done your research and have created a timeline, it’s time to get to work. Fully commit to your rebranding efforts. This includes telling the same, cohesive story across all platforms, from your website and social media to how your team interacts with customers. And, after you’ve rebranded, be “consistent and persistent” going forward. You have to allow your company to wholeheartedly embrace it’s new image, without faltering.

Have you ever completed a successful rebrand, or are you considering rebranding your company? Share your stories, advice, and thoughts in the comments!
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