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100 Consilium Building Specifications




Reinforced concrete wall
Steel structure with attractive nickel silver reflective glass cladding


23,740 square feet, 17 floors


Ample parking both aboveground and underground


Barrier free parking
Barrier free entrances at ground, P1 and P2 levels
Barrier free male and female washrooms on each floor


Monday to Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
After hours: Saturday and Sunday, security card access


6 passenger elevators
1 freight elevator
1 parking elevator


On multiple levels
Inverted system consisting of PVC membrane, extruded polystyrene insulation and stone ballast over a poured-in-place concrete slab


Building Heating:

Provided by 4 Raypack gas-fired atmospheric boilers
Input heating capacity of 10,000,000 BTU
Constant volume fresh air fans
Variable volume fan systems on floors
Perimeter hot water radiation

Building Cooling and Ventilation:

Provided by 2 Trane centrifugal chillers – 2X320 tons cooling capacity
2 fans per floor, 23 interior VAV boxes, 10 (dual) perimeter VAV boxes, 10 air changes per hour, 1 complete fresh air change per hour, and 18 cfm fresh air per square foot


Provided by 2 gas boilers generating steam and injecting into the fresh airshafts
Input heating capacity of 550,000 BTU/hr.
Every floor has 2 mechanical rooms; each mechanical room has a compartment unit each unit has a chilled water coil and supply fan rated at 15 HP. Air is then distributed via galvanized sheet metal ductwork to troffer type supply diffusers.



Manned security 24/7
TOA security system includes 104 cameras with digital recording
Intercon card access system
Panic buttons located in the parking garage
Main entrance has Sentex® enterphone panels
Cameras and panic buttons were installed in 2002
Card access system upgraded in 2010


Fully sprinklered throughout
Modified two-stage Notifier Annunciator Panel alarm system installed in 1996

Emergency Power:

Diesel backup emergency generator located in the penthouse rated at 300 kW
Provides backup power to the freight elevators, one passenger elevator, emergency lights, exit signs, sump pumps and the life safety system

Smoke Detectors:

Located on return ducts on air handling units and top of elevator shafts

Heat Detectors:

Located in elevator shafts and main electrical room


2 stairwells East and West sides (fire proof)

Extinguisher/Hose Cabinet:

Base building 4 per floor (in accordance with local codes)


Served by 2 incoming feeds at 27,600 volts lined by a loop to all three buildings
Main incoming power is transformed to 600 volts by 2 transformers each rated at 2,500 kva, located in the electrical room on the P1 level
Power is supplied to a main switchboard, and is distributed through building risers to the floors
Electrical design capacity is 2 watts PSF for tenant use and 2 watts PSF for lighting


Office lighting is generally 2 lamp, 4-foot, T8 fixtures


HVAC Building Automation System – Johnson Controls Metasys system


Phone & Fibre – Bell & Rogers
Cable TV – Rogers

Picture of Franchise Manager
Brian Monteith
Managing Director, Scarborough (Consilium Place)
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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

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